Hello all, I'm Drake!

Nice to meet all of you. I've been planning to get serious again with Pokemon (competitively) (if my previous experience can be considered "serious"...) and coincidentally I just heard about B/W 2. I figure there's no better time then, to start preparing my team for the first ever direct sequel.

I'm new to having an account here, however, I to this site for anything and everything pokemon-related. I know my way around a bit, but not with the forums... could anybody give me some hints as to where questions that I have (like the following) would be posted? (Like which sub-forum...)

*Where do I learn about tiers? I want to build a new team, but I forgot all about what pokemon are in what tiers, so I just need the basics here.
*Where can I find a pokemon I need? For instance, right now I need a Snorunt. Is there a forum on here where all the trades are?
*Just general noob questions? (Is IV training really worth it, what pokemon would be good with this one, etc...)

Thanks for any and all help. Time to start training!