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Oh right. Once again I misread the rules for something.

Name: Kat
Species(Please include the smiley): Skitty
Gender: Female
Bio: Kat loves to party, and will use every excuse she has to hold one. She likes singing, normally quite cheesy songs. Well known for her laughter, Kat strives to make new friends, and simply can't not be anyone's friend. She tends to be generally random, and it is hard to tell what she is trying to achieve, but when she does do what she was trying to do, it helps in a way. She almost always bounces along instead of walking, filled with lots of energy. She is sometimes very hyper, and sometimes talks too fast for anyone to understand.
Fears: Bugs, not being someone's friend, the dark, not being able to talk.
Attacks(Max. 4): Uproar, Fury Swipes, Sing, Quick Attack
Pfft. xD

I should've used a character like Rarity. :P