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    Poor Lethe, are you doing okay? Thanks to that thief, we're missing your birthday!
    Yeah yeah yeah, just go, sooner this is over, the sooner we can celebrate it.
    ~In the kitchen~
    So, mister chef... If that is your real name!
    What? Af corze thats nor moi real name, why would my name be le chef?
    *Is brushing fur in the reflection of the stove*Easy, cotton ball, the only reason to choose this option is so you have to do the less work. Just relax and wait till the others get the real thief.
    Ey, stealing a cake is still a crime. And we need to interrogate the chef, both on details about the cake, and search for details if he might be the thief.
    Thou suspect me?! Rediculouz!
    Rediculous indeed, just look at him, he is way to puny to even steal a cookie from himself.
    Indeed! ....... What? Did you just insult me?!
    Melinda! We need to interrogate him, not make him mad!
    We probably won't get much information out of him, he was probably too busy doing stupid chef stuff instead of taking care of the cake.
    Zat... Zat... Zat is..!
    Uhm... Oui! Oui!
    Well, look at that, case solved.
    But we can't return to Lethe with this... We don't have any info.
    Non! Ait sil vous plait! I can't take this anymore! I've been told to stay quiet, but I can't bear it anymore! The one that stole the cake is...
    *Puts hand on chef's mouth*Now now chef. Didn't we had a deal?
    Mppff mpff.
    The thieves! Quick Melinda, lets beat those baddies!
    Ughhh, I chose this option so that I wouldn't do anything!
    Don't worry, I will make your wish come true!*Uses hypnosis*

    ~At the crime scene~
    *Looks through a magnifying glass*Hmmm, aha, is see, interesting...
    Well, what do you see sherlock?
    Absolutely nothing.
    Nothing?! Well, good work Lucas...
    Indeed, good job Lucas, we acquired quite some good information about the thief.
    Uhm... Is Doug missing here something? How can nothing be something?
    *Is polishing the magnifying glass*Well, from what we saw, or rather said what we didn't saw, we can safely say that the thief either levitates or flies.
    And this theory is supported by the fact that most of the inhabitants of the Resort are ghost types. So the thieves should be one of the staff.
    Yeah, you would like that, wouldn't you Robbie?
    Uhm, what do you mean Sir Henry?
    Well, look at our feathered friend here. Wouldn't you say he would be able to steal the cake without touching the floor?
    How dare you to accuse me? Why would someone with my inteligence try to commit such a petty crime like stealing a simple cake?
    Yeah, why do you suspect him Hanric?
    That's Sir Hanric! I-I mean Sir Henric! Henry! Sir Henry I mean!*Ahem*Why else would he chose this option! To be sure that we wouldn't find any evidence against him! I've seen many cases in which this was the case!
    Uhm, wouldn't his talons, like, slice the cake if he tried to grab it? And flapping his wings, wouldn't that, like, mean that pieces of the cake will fly through the room? This place looks pretty clean to me.
    He got you there Lady Hanriet.
    It's Lady Henry! I-I mean Sir Henry!
    I think we are done here. Let's go back to Lethe and Giovanni and tell them what we found.

    ~In the lounge~
    Really, all of you, I would be more comfortable if you all just leave me alone.
    I've been thinking Lethe. And I think I have found your birthday present, so, shall we go somewhere private so I can give it to you?
    *Lethe lost 5 SP*
    *Scribble*Scribble*Travis, you aren't really comforting her...
    (Coco)Was... That even possible?
    (Cece)I hope so, the sooner she's out the sooner we will win.
    Uhm, can I say something? Uhm, okay, you guys aren't really helping her much... S-sorry about that! I-I didn't want to hurt anyone...
    You guys are horrible at cheering someone up! Now, I! I know how you should do that!*Grabs Party cannon and points it at Lethe*
    Oh bollucks...
    *Shoots sticky goo out of it*I know you are now sad because you miss your cake. So that's why I baked some for you!
    *Touches sticky goo*Uhm, Kat, you sure this is cake?
    It is! I couldn't find any flour, so I used glue instead! I'd be sure that would help, because flour keeps the cake together, and glue keeps stuff together as well!
    (Cece)Hahaha, normally I don't really like cake, but I have to say, this will be my favorite cake from now on!
    (Coco)You meanie! We should help her instead of laughing at her!*Tries to grab the stickie goo*Uh-oh, I think I might be stuck*
    Give back my hand sticky goo! I need it!
    I will help you!*Trips and falls in the goo*Oh, sorry guys. I'm terrible sorry!
    I think it's safer if I kept a long distance between mee and that goo.*Tries to levitate away*
    Come here Cio!*Grabs one of Cio's wings*Let's make a ball full of friendship!!!*Jumps in the goo with Cio*
    Good news Lethe, we know who was- What is going on here?
    It's a ball of friendship! Lamp loves them! Lamp wants to join!*Throws lamp near Lethe's head*
    Boss! Good news!
    We took care of the ones in the kitchen and-*Sees the contestants*Oh, oops.
    I confess! I confess! As long as you get these goofballs from me I shall confess!
    *Walks in*Lethe, what do you want to confess? You are, without doubt, rambling because of the stress.*Uses Phychic to get the sticky goo from everyone*
    No, I'm not rambling... I... I was the one that destroyed that cake!
    I HATE cake! I hate sweets! I hate-
    Everything nice?
    Yes! That's also why I put that cake I got as present from Spix in the Breathtaking Blue room. To get rid of it! And that's also why I hired that Ghastly and Haunter, to get rid of my birthday cake!
    Then why didn't you just not eat from the cake? That Ssounds more logical to me.
    Or say, when you get a piece offered, that you're full, or feeling ill. That sounds easier to me.
    But then I didn't get the chance to scheme stuff. And that is something I do love. Making plans, scheming stuff, making people suffer! And I would've accomplished that if it weren't for your noisy contestants!
    But why were you then so excited about your birthday? this doesn't make sense in any way.
    I schemed this plan a month ahead in time, so I was excited how it would turn out. Now, let's just move on and hand out the results.
    You've heard the miss! Now let's take a look at this!

    1)Hypnotised to sleep. Not even lightly, it was quite deep. -4Sp +1 Rainbow coin of DOOM.
    2)About the 2 Ghost thieves you guys were on the right path. About that part you guys sure did your math. -3SP +3 Rainbow coins of DOOM.(1.5 coins for Lucas, because his option was randomnized.)
    3)In a way you did caught the mastermind. But in which way you did that was kinda unkind. -2SP +5 Rainbow coins of DOOM.
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