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Thread: Like anime subbed or dubbed? ~ Where the concept of Uncut DVDs still hasn't sank in.

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    Eh, most animé dubs I've seen (which isn't many) are tolerable, but I hate the Pocket Monsters dub, so I prefer to watch it in Japanese. I actually like the raw version better because the subtitles tend to distract me from what's actually going on, and in the case of Pocket Monsters I don't really need the dialogue to understand what's going on anyway.

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    Charstar Guest


    I am very very very very very...subbed deprived...

    Personally, I like the dubbed shows, because that is all I know. What I have seen dubbed are some of the DBZ movies. And, it really didn't make a difference, to me. Actually, I thought the subs took away from it, because I was reading them, and not paying as much attention to the picture...

    The only things I particularly like to watch subbed are movies/shows I haven't already seen in English. In DBZ, I haven't seen too much change (yes, I grant there were, but in what I saw, it didnt change too much). So, I try to watch English over Japanese so I can pay attention to the show and animation. That is the real glory of anime...

    (The best DBZ stuff ever is the Anime Music Videos scattered across the web. I learned EVERYTHING about Cell Saga just by watching them, piecing it together, and going "hmmmm..., now that makes sense." I saw maybe 2 episodes of it. The only thing I didnt know was when Vegeta charged Cell after he killed Trunks)

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    Transducer Guest


    I prefer subtitles instead. These days, I don't like the dubs anymore >_<

    But heck, I have no choice but to watch the dubs anyway so meh.

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    Dubbed because you don't have to read and it is good to hear in your language. Plus sometimes in subbed you don't understand much so i prefer dubbed.

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    Genkai5000 Guest


    Actually, I terribly prefer subbed...Just because. If the ever dub Prince of Tennis...they'll give Fuji's voice as Ryou's (YGO) or Kurama's (YYH)...Which is terribly annoying. Fuji's voice actress can speak English..X_x Oh well, I don't really care..but the voices can't be...that bad..or else I'll die. Like I watch InuYasha subbed and Raw and it's perfect the way it is..I hate the dubbed...

    Oh well, I'm use to watching dubbed anime, but I'm not really...sure of the new ones coming this fall...X_x

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    Tritoch Guest


    Well for movies and full length features I like subtitles. For TV episodes, english dub is just fine.

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    Subbed all the way for me.
    Watching anime like Inuyasha are perfect in Japanese, and even with the subtitles, I c catch up with everything, especially when you can tell most of what their saying by what their doing anyway.

    For example, when Inu meets Kikyo, I know what they are saying before they say it. Real simple to tell.

    Besides, since when did Ash Ketchum sound better than Satoshi? Or Misty better than Kasumi?
    Okay fine, I am just a DoA lover... So sue me.

    Another perfect example is One Piece.
    In violent Anime like that, the dubbers also 'sterilize' the show by taking out blood as and when its possible and so many other things turned kiddy.

    At least we have a GOOD sounding Ussop in Japanese. The horror of him in english over here in Singapore is second to only hearing Kagome squeaking in Chinese.

    She goes so high I swear my TV screen now has another three more cracks.

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    サンダ- Guest


    I preferr the raw, but if I was to choose the either one, it would subbed. I watched the dubbed anime once (by 4kids, I forgot the show though) and I was suprised that it was worse than the Japanese voice actors... They sound so strange... And also, sometimes dubbers like 4kids changes almost everything that gets me annoyed...

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    I Like my FullMetal Subbed, and , when i can, Naruto, and the Inuyasha movies. But i like other things Dubbed

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    Nudge Guest


    I'm a big fan of subbing. It just sounds so much better in japanese, and it's not hard to read the subs either. XD Although Pokemon was very very well dubbed.

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    Tyafu Guest


    Subbed I think the Dubbing suks especialy on Naruto!

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    **regirock** Guest


    I like it dubbed!! It's annoying to have to read and I don't get to see what happens because I'm too busy reading instead of looking at the characters!!! I say, let it be dubbed.

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    o_o Subbed for me. It's not that hard to read and watch at the same time. I still don't get why people complain about that. Plus I like the japanese voices better.

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    Dubtitled. Actually, it depends on the actors. Mostly subbed though.
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    Subbed, i don´t like the dubbed voices always.... some voices aren´t very good...... in dubbed animes

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    Inkki Bookman Guest


    As I suffer from Auditory Aphasia, except for the music and sound effects, I cannot understand the spoken words either Japanese or English, I would have to vote for subtitles on DVD as it allowed me to watch animes I couldn't before.

    For those people who do not know what Auditory Aphasia is, its a lot like been deaf except you can hear things but the part of my brain that translates spoken words into something I can understand doesn't work so all I hear is gibberish.

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    Subbed. The original voices are always the best, and if you are lucky you can learn a little japanese from it.
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    Bishoujo Otaku Guest


    i've been watching FullMetal Alchemist without the subtitles now but i still like sub except it depends on what you download and i still can't tell if they're the right subtitles. even if it makes sense. plus, i know a lot of japanese.

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    Jesus Of Suburbia Guest


    Subbed. Definetely I just think it makes it that bit better.

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    Nightling Guest


    Honestly, I think it depends on the anime. Loads of animes get mutilated by mistranslation and bad voices, but a few come out all right (the one I'm thinking of is Tenchi Muyo).

    For the record, I usually try to get the bilingual DVDs.

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    Subbed. At least this doesn't affect the original, non-screwed up Japanese voices.

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    Cless Guest


    I like dubs, but only if they're good. Otherwise, I like subbed.

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    Sky Titan Guest


    Well...I used to watch dubs but then I realised the dubs I watch are almost always horribly mutated...I will take Cardcaptors as an example and most of Yu-Gi-Oh! The only reason I am watching the dubbed version for GX is because I cant secure subs for it and with Dawn of the is the final series so I just wanna watch it even if it is dubbed.

    I also usually like the Japanese VA's better because not to mention anyone *cough*4Kids*cough* hire some terrible voice actors...especially Valon's VA...*shudders* I pick Sub!

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    Zenigame Guest


    I prefer the three options : Subbed, Dubbed or else.
    the dubbed in spanish is some great

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    Flying Tropius Guest


    I rather read than hear bad voices
    subbed Japanese is cool to listen to although I don't know what is going on

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