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    Default The Amazing Poké-Race

    Thank you to everyone who has signed up!

    Hello everyone, my name is Phil Keogallade, and this is the Amazing Poké-Race! In this game, nine teams of two go on a great journey across the Poké-Earth (and beyond) for a chance to win $1,000,000 dollars (in fake internet cash).

    The object of the game is to get to the Pit Stop first before everyone else to prevent getting eliminated. If you're the last one to check in, you will be eliminated in most cases. It also helps to come first because you get to start the next leg first, followed the second team, third team, etc. I will PM you when you can go.

    You will be randomly paired up with another contestant, and you must work together to complete challenges and travel around.

    To get where you need to go, you will have to receive Clues from either Clue Boxes or different people. The different clue types are:

    Route Information - This type tells you where to go. Usually, you can decide how to get there (unless stated otherwise), and depending on what type of travel it is, it will take different amounts of time. Sometimes, it will give you more cryptic clues and you have to figure out the location that you're supposed to do. At other times, you have to do a small task before moving on.

    Detour - This type of clue haves you making a choice between 2 challenges. Both Pokemon on the team will have to work together to do the task.

    Road Block - Here, you will be given a cryptic question, on which you will have to pick one person from the team to complete the road block. Once decided, I will PM you the challenge, which you will have to complete to move on.

    Fast Forward - Twice during the game, a fast forward will come up. This will give you a fairly hard challenge but, if you complete it, you will then be able to go directly to the pit stop.

    After every detour is an obstacle called a U-Turn. Each team gets one U-Turn power to use at a U-Turn point. They can decide to use it whenever they're at a U-Turn Point (unless it is already in use) to make a team that's behind them go and do the other Detour Challenge.

    Another obstacle is the Speed Bump. If you come in last during a non-elimination leg, you will be forced to do an extra challenge at a random point during the next leg.

    The Final Leg will take place once we have the Final 3 teams. Instead of an elimination, whoever gets to the final pit stop first is the winner!

    Now for some rules:

    1: All general SPPF rules and Games Section Rules Apply
    2: Do not skip a challenge or clue
    3: Stay active, or else you will fall behind and will most likely get your team eliminated
    4: You cannot play as a Legendary Pokemon
    5: Small RPing is allowed, just don't go overboard
    6: Have fun, and may the odds be ever in your favour! //shot

    Break the rules, and you will get a strike. One is a warning (for Rule 2, you have to back and do what you were supposed to), two is a 24 hour penalty, three is a 48 hour penalty, and four will get you eliminated from the game.

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    Sign-Up Sheet

    Anything Else?:

    The Racers
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    The Teams
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