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Not that I mind Operation Tempest getting so much votes, but......

.....I just can't believe I'm the only one to vote Meteonite so far! Did the postponing of "Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma" put people off THAT much?

C'mon people, this is a Team Rocket poll! Focus on what Team Rocket did, not what Team Plasma didn't do.
Operation Tempest is only getting so many votes because it just happened and people are still getting over the shock of Giovanni doing something for the first (aired) time since Mewtwo Returns.

Yes, the episodes themselves, aside from the incredibly rushed ending that ran it right off the rails, were very good. What ruined it for me was that the context set up for the story made little sense - Giovanni's presence was never really justified, he just showed up, the Kami Trio's connection to the whole thing felt tenuous at best, and in general by the time it was over I couldn't help but have a sour taste in my mouth that their part of Milos Island was as bad as it was purely to set this up and that Giovanni was only here to put Pikachu in front of him.

Everything about the Meteonite mission was written correctly. They actually felt like real members of Team Rocket for the first time, with Giovanni relying on them and the presence of other members, from Pierce and Dr. Zager down to the nameless undercover operatives and Grunts. As for Giovanni himself, his going to Unova to get the Meteonite made perfect sense in the narrative because he was involved in the mission from the start, not just suddenly coming in at the end.