I considered posting this in the "Official Glitch Report Thread", but the lack of activity there made me think making a new thread would be better... let me know if I should have posted there, instead.

So. I started a new game on my copy of LeafGreen today, and made it to Nugget Bridge. While fighting the fifth trainer (Camper Ethan), something weird happened: my pikachu was paralyzed by his mankey's Vital Spirit.

One of the first posts in the glitch report thread has a picture of a wild spearow's Keen Eye doing the same thing to that player's pikachu (which made me wish I'd thought to take a picture). I'm guessing there's just an in-game glitch that causes Static to backfire, somehow. This hasn't ever happened even once to me before, though, and I've played through the game several times on FireRed with a pikachu/raichu on my team. To be honest, I was kind of concerned about my game and considered resetting, but decided against it. I figure that kind of glitch isn't going to screw up anything major. At least, I hope.

Anyway, I was wondering if anything similar has ever happened to anyone else out there, or if I should be concerned that my cartridge is about to die, or something (it is almost eight years old).