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    Default Pokemon Kanto adventures

    "Hello my name is Prof.Oak, I am the Pokemon Prof. of the Kanto Region. Today some of you lucky children will become a pokemon trainer. Together with your pokemon you will travel across the Kanto region and create your own pokemon team. You along with your pokemon will battle Wild Pokemon, Trainers, and Gym Leaders. But recently a mysterios group of trainers that call themselves Team Rocket, have appeared. All they want to do is kidnap pokemon and use them to rule the Kanto Region than the entire pokemon universe. You will meet others like you and save the pokemon. Who is the Leader of the mysterious Team rocket? Who are these other trainers that will help, you find out. Good luck and welcome to the world of Pokemon." *Looks at his journal* "Oh wait I almost forgot the Pokemon League, after you defeat the Champion you will gain entry to Johto Gate, a whole new world to explore so good luck. You first Gym Battle will be in Pewter city, where you will fight the first Gym Leader Brock for the right to gain the Boulder Badge. Also Items can be fount on the ground around Kanto so keep an eye out for them."

    Find the Pokemon Lab-"You will need to find the Prof's Lab.
    Stop Team Rocket from getting the Master Ball- "Team Rocket has appeared and has stolen the Master Ball, if they get it they will make more and capture every pokemon."
    1.No Cussing
    2.No Gming
    3.What I says goes
    4. I choose how much damage a pokemon does

    Pokemon you can obtain as a starter
    • Eevee
    • Pikachu
    • Charmander
    • Bulbasaur
    • Squirtle

    To sign up you the following
    • Name
    • Age
    • Starter (You cannot use one already picked)
    • Bio
    • Appereace
    • Personality
    • Badges:0

    Pokemon Sign up
    Pokemons Name:
    Pokemons appeareance:
    Reason you picked that pokemon?:

    Potions-300 Poke
    Repel- 400 Poke
    Escape Rope - 500 Poke
    Buld-A-Base Kit- 500 Poke

    Pokemon Center
    Pokemon Stuffdoll vending machine
    1.)Charizard-1.000 Poke
    2.)Blastoise- 2.000 Poke
    3.) Venesaur- 1.300 Poke
    PlusPower-4,500 Poke
    Protein- 4,500 Poke
    BackPack:Five Pokeballs,2 Potions
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