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Thread: Skiyomi's Graphics - About Time for a New Thread, I'd Say...

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    Default Skiyomi's Graphics - About Time for a New Thread, I'd Say...

    Yeah, I let my old thread lapse without an update for awhile--whoops. But I figured it was time for a new thread anyway, because--Holy cats! I started that last one back in 2009. And a lot of the graphics posted early on are even older than that.

    So, I guess as a minor introduction, I've been making avatars/banners/wallpapers/etc. as a hobby for several years now. I use Photoshop CS2 (and occasionally GIMP 2.0). If you'd like to see more of my graphics, you can totally check out my old thread. There are literally hundreds there.

    Without further ado, I guess I'd better post up some new stuff.

    Fandoms: Discworld, Disgaea, Frozen, The Great Mouse Detective, Meet the Robinsons, Phantom Brave, Pokemon, Slayers

    Click thumbnail for full-view:

    ...And I might as well include the graphics I've made for Shipping Oscars 2013:

    ...That's it for now!

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    I really like the work you did here and i think you are my favorite mod on the forums!

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