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    Hello everyone, my username is Azulart.

    The world of "design" is an challenging road, you are somehow depenable of others their opinion and you have to find your own style and make it your own in a unique way.
    I chose to wander this road and by doing so I am currently studying Graphic Design at school.
    With all the tools I have been given to make Art, I decided to start on making signatures as most part of my inspiritation comes from fantasy games like Final fantasy.
    I really liked to make them after three creations, and so it became my hobby.

    In my free time I also like to draw fantasy stuff,
    drawing is a great way to expess emotion and so on.

    As an so called Amateur Artist, I would love to gain more expercience and receive comments so that I can improve in my skills,
    thats why I want to create this page so I can show the poeple here what I make and to receive feedback on it.
    (Compliments are welcome too ofcourse!)


    | Signatures |

        Spoiler:- Style gallery:

    | Userbars |
        Spoiler:- Style gallery:

    | Image creation |
        Spoiler:- Style gallery:

    | Art |
        Spoiler:- Style gallery:

    I will update my page once I make more artwork and would like to show them.
    I hope you all like it, and I am looking forward to the comments!

    Thank you.

    PS: If you want to use my work thats fine, but if you want to use them for your own purpose's
    (Like mixing them up or editing them) please ask for permission.
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