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Thread: Soul Silver Solo Run Rating

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    Default Soul Silver Solo Run Rating

    So I'm going to do a Solo Run Challenge, and want some advice on my pokemon...

    Pokemon: Ledian
    Why?: Despite his bad stats, he's my favorite. Will it be hard? yes, but all the better for a challenge run

    Ability: Early Bird
    Nature: Adamant
    Item: Not sure yet, probably Leftovers
    Drain Punch
    Aerial Ace/Ice Punch
    Swords Dance
    Light Screen

    Explanation: Yeah, I know, his base attack is awful, but he can use Swords Dance which I think is the better choice over Special Attack as he can't raise that, plus he can get Drain Punch which will be my life saver when its powered up, and its not only a better move than Mega and Giga Drain but has better coverage like dealing with Jasmine's Steel Gym. My biggest worry right now is I have no idea how to deal with the 2 Dragon using bosses in Johto, as I can't get Ice Punch until after the Johto league.
    I picked Light Screen over Reflect because he will be able to tank almost all electric, fire, and some ice attacks that head my way. This means I have to watch out for flying types, rock moves, and physical ice attacks being the least threatening as they're not used much in the games

    Any Advice?

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    I get what you're doing here, but I believe this belongs in the challenge section or pokepolls. This section is for full teams only.


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