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Thread: Least Favourite of each Starter Trio?

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    Gen 1: Charmander, but only because Charmeleon is weird looking, at least to me.
    Gen 2: Tododile. Same thing, Croconaw ruins it.
    Gen 3: Treeko. I honestly love all the Hoenn starters, but Treeko was the one that I had the least fun with.
    Gen 4: Chimchar. I really don't like Chimchar for some reason. It's design is just so awkward.
    Gen 5: Tepig. Same thing, something about it is just weird. Although, Emboar is pretty cool looking.
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    ^ This is the reason why I like arguing. If I come off as standoffish or overly angry in an argument, don't worry. I'm probably having the time of my life. Whether I agree with them or not, the pokemon fandom has a lot of different opinions, and I love how nobody is afraid to share them.

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    Generation 1: Charmander! While I like Charmander, I despise Charizard so much and I love all 3 members of the other starter lines.
    Generation 2: I just cannot choose. I love all 3 of them (Especially Quilava :3). But if I had to choose, it'll be Meganium.
    Generation 3: Mudkip. I used to like it but I just can't get into it's evolution line anymore.
    Generation 4: Same as Gen 2, I can't choose. If anything, the Turtwig line. It doesn't work well with my battle style.
    Generation 5: Probably the Snivy line. While I like all 3, the moveset of the Snivy line is just way too bad.

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    Gen 1: Bulbasaur (I don't dislike it, it's last place just by a margin)
    Gen 2: Chikorita (same thing with Bulbasaur)
    Gen 3: Mudkip (no one kill me for this)
    Gen 4: Turtwig (never liked it)
    Gen 5: Tepig (we don't need another Fire/Fighting type line)...
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    Ok here goes....

    Gen 1 - Bulbasaur - Never really appealed to me.
    Gen 2 - Chikorita - Tough to choose from this since I never really liked Johto's starters. But overall, I'll have to go with her since it was hard to use her. Sorry, but I still think your good!
    Gen 3 - Treecko - Also a bit tough to use. He's also not my type.
    Gen 4 - Piplup - Close call between these this and Turtwig but I have to go with Piplup because he isn't my type too.
    Gen 5 - Tepig - Disappointing, just disappointing and it's not because he's a fire/fighting type. I did use him at one time and did prove as a great team member though, but I never really liked him and I didn't like his design either. Sorry man...

    Notice that majority were grass starters? I never really liked grass starters anyway... :/
    Peace if you don't agree with me or my choices or reasons!

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    Kanto: None
    Johto: None
    Hoenn: None
    Sinnoh: Chimchar (But Monferno is cool), Infernape and Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra.
    Unova: Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Pignite, Emboar and Samurott.


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