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    Collection of existing FAQ threads. (I'm stealing this part of your OP, R_N!)

    B2W2 FAQs

    Q: What are the version exclusive Pokemon?
    Black 2 (Pre-National Dex):
    • Magmar line
    • Heracross
    • Spoink line
    • Lopunny line
    • Whimsicott line*
    • Gothitelle line
    • Mandibuzz line

    Black 2(Post-National Dex):
    • Beedrill line
    • Sudowoodo line
    • Plusle
    • Volbeat**
    • Registeel***
    • Latios
    • Skuntank line****
    • Zekrom

    White 2 (Pre-National Dex):
    • Electabuzz line
    • Pinsir
    • Delcatty line
    • Camerupt line
    • Lilligant line*
    • Reuniclus line
    • Braviary line

    White 2 (Post-National Dex):
    • Butterfree line
    • Mr. Mime line
    • Minun
    • Illumise**
    • Regice***
    • Latias
    • Purugly line****
    • Reshiram

    * Through an in-game trade on Route 4, you can obtain Petilil/Cottonee in the other version
    **You can breed Volbeat (w/ Ditto)/Illumise and still get Illumise/Volbeat from the egg
    ***Regice & Registeel can be obtained in the other version by using Unova Link
    ****Stunky/Glameow are caught in Hidden Grottoes as a reward for a Funfest Mission

    Q: Can I trade with BW1? When?
    Yes, you can trade with BW1 (requires another DS/DSi/3DS) as soon as you get the C-Gear from Bianca after the first gym.
    There are no trade restrictions.

    Q: What Pokemon are in the new Unova Dex?

    However, the following are not available until the Post-Game:
    • Musharna line
    • Leafeon
    • Glaceon
    • Carracosta line
    • Arcehops line
    • Heatmor
    • Durant
    • Cryonogal
    • Seismitoad line
    • Stunfisk
    • Slaking line
    • Crawdaunt line
    • Wigglytuff line
    • Lickilicky line
    • Yanmega line
    • Tropius
    • Carnivine
    • Toxicroak
    • Tyranitar
    • Reshiram
    • Zekrom
    • Kyurem

    In addition, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus are only available through trading or through the Dream Radar game on 3DS.
    Many of these post game Pokemon are available through Dream World &/or Dream Radar.

    Q: Where can I find TM/HM**?
    Below is a list of all the locations for each TM/HM.
        Spoiler:- TM/HM Obtainable Pre-E4:

        Spoiler:- TMHM Obtainable Post-game:

    For more details, check the dedicated page on the main site:

    Q: What is Unova Link
    Unova Link is a version exclusive system of unlocks based around keys.
    Difficulty Keys:
    • Challenge Mode will increase the AI, levels and in the case of Gym leaders/E4/Champion add/change Pokemon and movesets. Black 2 exclusive
    • Assist Mode will lower levels and AI of all trainers. It is White 2 exclusive.

    Regi Keys:
    • Rock Peak Key: Available from the start in both versions. Allows you to catch Regirock in the Underground Ruins (Post game)
    • Iron Key: Black 2 exclusive, obtained once Regirock is caught. Allows you to catch Registeel in the Underground Ruins
    • Iceberg Key: White 2 exclusive, obtained once Regirock is caught. Allows you to catch Regice in the Underground Ruins

    Black City/White Forest[*]Black City –Tower Key: Obtained once you’ve gone up enough floors in the Black Skyscraper (Black 2 only)[*]White Forest –Forest Key: Obtained once you’ve gone up enough floors in the White TreeHollow (White 2 only)

    Q: Can keys be traded? How?
    Keys are “leant” through local IR connection
    If you are a Black 2 player and are giving the Challenge, Iceberg, and Black City keys to another player they will merely unlock the options but they would be unable to lend the keys themselves.

    Notes: All keys can be toggled on or off at any time once in your possession.
    In addition, if you switch to the opposite version’s Black City/White Forest, you will instead fight a strong Veteran Trainer rather than Benga.
    *If you start a New Game, you will have to unlock all the options again*

    Q: What is Memory Link?
    Memory Link allows you to link to your copy of Black 1 or White 1.
    Unlike the Key Links, this can be done by either Wireless/IR communications, or through use of the Global Link (have both games registered through your Global Link account and have a Pokemon tucked in your prequel game).
    The game’s instruction manual can guide you through this process.

    Doing Memory Link allows you to:
    -View flashbacks about events happening to characters between BW1 & BW2
    -Capture N’s Pokemon
    -Receive any Musical Props as well as any of Loblolly’s Dream World furniture
    -Have your BW1 character mentioned by your Name
    -One-time Post-Game battles with Bianca & Cheren’s final teams from BW1 (based on your BW1 starter)

    Note: Memory Link’s features are based on your progress through BW1. If you’ve made it further in BW1 after doing Memory Link, you can redo Memory Link to update BW2.

    Q: Can Memory Link work across different regioned versions?
    It can also work regardless of which prequel you link it to.
    In addition, 1 copy of BW1 can be used any number of copies of BW2, regardless of if it's Black 1 with White 2.

    Q: I have met Yancy/Curtis at the Ferris Wheel but I can't call them even at the select areas? Why?
    It's partially random chance. There is only a chance that when you're in the proper area will you be able to call Yancy/Curtis.
    Just keep going between areas and eventually the option should show up on the XTranciever.
    As a reminder, these 15 areas are eligible:

    Q: Do I really need to call them 50 times before trading?!
    No! It seems that so long as they start smiling on the (for me, after 30 calls) they will start trading with you.

    Can I trade with Yancy/Curtis before beating the Elite 4?

    Q: What is Dream Radar?
    Dream Radar is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive application that you buy & download from the e-Shop for $2.99 (price will vary based on region).
    Using AR, you capture various Pokemon and items to send to any BW2 game in your system.

    This is done through “3DS Link.” It will send any items to your bag, and any Pokemon caught straight to your PC. All Pokemon have their Dream Abilities and are “caught” within Dream Balls.

    The levels range depend on the amount of badges you have from level 5 to level 40.

    For more information on the game and what you can find in it:


    If you have a question that isn't Answered here please check the main site's many pages:
    If your question still isn't answered, ask it in this thread:
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    B2W2 Medals
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