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    Default hydrocity!

    wide lens
    252 def, hp
    focus blast

    fires off powerful attacks while being accurate. also has some serious staying power, which it needs with all the ttars running around it also has some suprise value, because do you see this kind of set much, i think not. it can get the jump on some stuff that poli wouldn't ko. it also has great defensive synergy with ferrothorn and ludicolo. i can also switch to jolteon in the case of an electric move. he has run into many breloom, which ive been helpless to stop. politoed is eved to survive until i win the weather war, which mostly happens. he can also be a nice ttar check.

    choice specs
    volt absorb
    252 sp att, spe
    volt switch
    shadow ball
    hp fighting

    hp fighting beats ferrothorn, which would be able to use jolt as setup fodder. also gets rid of tornadus t, which could easily pick this team apart. jolteon is also a strong scout, who can volt switch out of an unsure ferro switch in. if i am absolutely sure, hp fighting that thorny weed for good damage. this can also switch into ludicolo when the mentioned ferrothorn switches in.
    ferro still beats jolteon 70% of the time though, so maybe i should replace with raikou. jolteon is eved to dish out as much hurt as possible, and mostly does just that.

    rocky helmet
    iron barbs
    252 sp def, hp
    power whip
    t wave

    rocky helmet to force outrage dragons to hit themselves with 25% damage. while ferro can set rocks. also nabs people expecting spikes, or try to use magnezone. unfortunately, i didnt see magnezone once in my experience, and ive ran into gyra constantly. ex, out of the five battles i was in yesterday, 3 of them had gyrados. im glad ferro checks gyra solidly, or else he would rip my team to bits with one dd, and he 2kos w +1 eq, because of specially defensive evs. overall, ferro is important as a defensive anchor and a sr setter.

    rain dish
    252 sp att, spe
    giga drain
    hydro pump
    ice beam
    focus blast

    your standard ludicolo set... without swift swim. that hurts, but he still gives ferro a hard time, and rain boosted hydro pumps hurt. it 1 shots any scizor without 252 hp, and ludicolo resists bullet punch, so ludicolo can outspeed and ko. rain dish nullifies lo, but i am considering switching it to lefties. ferro gets 2 shotted by focus blast, and if the ferro only runs gyro ball, which is most of the time, then bye bye weed. ludicolo is an important ferro check and rain check in general, and checks mirror matches. ludicolo is eved to slaughter stuff that does not resist hydro pump, and to dish out a ton of hurt.

    natural cure
    expert belt
    252 sp att, spe
    ice beam
    rapid spin

    the only good rapid spinner for rain, and a great one at that! unfortunatly, he is walled by ferrothorn (now do you see why i run two ferro checks?) although, in my experience, he didnt do much except spin, which is fine, since thats his no 1 purpose, although i fire off a rain boosted surf sometimes. for some weird reason, he rarely uses the coverage moves. but there there in case i need to obliberate a gyrados or salamence, both of which starmie outspeed unboosted, as well as terrakion, another deadly sweeper. overall, starmie is a well needed rapid spinner and rain abuser. same purposes as above. except i use starmie as death fodder when the opponents rocks user is dead.

    lum berry
    252 hp, 46 att, 212 sp def
    bug bite
    bullet punch
    swords dance

    standard scizor. checks latias and latios, and can attempt a sweep at a moments notice. the lum berry helped me so much that it isnt even funny. there are many moments where my sweep would have been cut short and i would have lost the match because of it, then lum berry game. scizors defensive investment and bug moves help him switch into ttar and reuniclus, who could screw me over since my team is heavily based on speed. without scizor, i would also have only one steel type, and ferro cant take repeated boosted outrages, or hurricanes for that matter! i can actually sacrifice this guy to weaken a tornadus therian and force a switch, which i could then switch to the appropriate counter. its no suprise scizor is ou king, and its power bullet punches make him worthy of the title. eved to endure a decent amount of hurt to switch in and set up easily.

    so, what are your thoughts of this team? i want honest opinion. (actually, no i dont, kidding)

    threats- breloom(poison heal particularly), gyrados (offensive dd), jolteon (choice specs. lo is outsped and koed), tornadus t (when jolteon is gone, hurricane sclices my team in half.)
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