Ninjask-Countering Options
-Gyro Ball hits Ninjask like a truck, regardless of Speed Boost.
-Punishment is a great Move to use against Ninjask or a B.Pass recipient. Boosted enemy Stats boost the power of your Punishment.
-Roar/Whirlwind works wonders on any B.Pass Strategy, but beware of Soundproof for Roar and Suction Cups with either.
-Haze and Clear Smog are great for eliminating B.Pass-work, but Pranksters are preferred for Haze.
-Weavile has access to Base 120 Attack, Fake Out, and STAB Ice Shard, allowing it to scare off Ninjask early on.
-Trick Room makes Ninjask the slowest Pokemon ever, so consider a user that isn't weak to Bug such as Gallade, Klinklang, or members of the Porygon-, Misdreavus-, Shuppet-, Duskull-, Bronzor-, Yamask-, Frillish-, or Litwick-Evolutionary Lines.