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    Default Good goosebump songs

    Putting this in polls because uh, well, this topic isn't going to consist of more than just posting a bunch of youtube videos. But I'm a crappy decision maker so, if a mod wants to move this to entertainment it's not hurting me feelings hahaha.

    I love myself a good old fasioned goosebump song. I listen to music for the chills. I love it when it's as dark, eerie, and ominous sounding as possible (not emo, dark. There's a difference) I can't get enough of it. Music that reaches you on a more primitive, psychological level is totally my cup of tea. Sadly, "Goosebump" is not really a genre, so I would really appreciate it if you shared songs that you think are particularly chilling. I'll share some of mine. :]

    This in particular is brilliant in its simplicity. The first image in my head when I started listening to this, was that of a room that hadn't been touched in years, and inside it dust covered dolls with cold, blank stares. (Yeah I know I'm ****ed up lol, deal with it)

    There's this that I saw on Vh1 not too long ago. It woke me up from dead sleep and sent shivers up my spine. I think in part what makes this song so eerie for me is my background as a former Christian, and even though I don't believe anymore, the verse "The good lord speaks like a rolling thunder" evoked some pretty strong emotions. The visual imagery that came to my head was that of an elderly, black, voodoo witch living in a Liousiana bayou.

    Also brilliant.

    This one is pretty good, although there are some people that might say Florence is wailing more than she is singing during parts of the song, but for the most part I think it's excellently done.

    Even though this song is pretty much inspired by copius amounts of LSD, it gives me chills moreso for the visual imagery I get in my mind when I hear the melody, as opposed to the lyrics. I think of a standing army pouring over a hill into battle and arrows straying across a battlefield. It makes me feel like Im at ****ing war. (Once again, yes I'm ****ed up lol)


    I'd post more, but I think you guys get the idea. :] So post what you think are particuarly chilling songs, and if you're really cool, try to explain why they make you feel that way. Does it evoke a memory, etc. I'm interested in seeing what you have to share. The more my hands tremble and shake the better.
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