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    Quote Originally Posted by jireh the provider View Post
    Dedicated readers are the types who can read a chapter with a lot of scenarios, details, and words with a lot of quality. (just think of reading one chapter of any harry potter book or The Da Vinci Code book)

    Casual readers are the polar opposite of dedicated readers. Few scenarios (about two to three), and few scenarios, yet it has words with good quality. (Like reading a chapter of any one small Novel book like "Tuesdays with Morrie")
    Oh, I'm aware of this. What I'm asking for a rephrase on is your actual question concerning them because I'm not sure if I understand it correctly. Were you asking if the level of detail in a work depends on whether you have more casual or more dedicated readers? Were you saying you get more dedicated readers the longer your work is (which really depends on a whole slew of factors, really)? Something else entirely?

    Right now, what I think you were asking is if the length and detail of a story changes when you have more casual readers instead of dedicated, and the answer is it really depends. Like I said earlier, you'll unconsciously improve the more chapters you post, just because your audience will tell you how to improve. Otherwise, in your newest post, you're asking if you should increase the length and detail of your chapters, am I right? If that's the case, then that depends too. As you can tell by the other posts in this thread, there's not really a final word when it comes to chapter length. Some people prefer longer ones; some prefer shorter. And as for detail, basically, how much you'll need depends on a case-by-case basis.

    But honestly, I think a number of the problems you're facing in getting reviewership lies in the fact that you're working in the least active fiction forum on Serebii. Not too many people venture in there, and besides that, not that many people on a fanfiction board (generally speaking) read original fic for a whole list of reasons. So you're actually working with a disadvantage that has less to do with your chapter length and more to do with, unfortunately speaking, what your story is. Only way you can fix that is by being very active in getting attention: post in the review games, VM reviewers for review requests, and so forth. Sorry about that.
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