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    Default Natural disaster [B2 IGRMT]

    Really, it's a burnin moth. and now it's even a dancing one.

    and no, I am not late ;p in europe it's still a few days to the release...

    So, enjoy:


    flame body
    - bug buzz
    - flamethrower --> fiery dance when I'll get it
    - giga drain
    - hurricane/roostQuiver dance

    will replace mys starter as soon as I get it (which is quite early iirc);
    imho serperior and the pig kinda suck... and I don#t wanna use samurott again.

    to the moves. general STABs. giga drain keeps it live and helps against waters.
    hurricane is cool and powerful, but maybe too unreliable? roost would help it survive the nuclear winter.
    Quiver dance cause everybody says so


    rough skin
    - Outrage
    - Superpower
    - Sucker punch
    - surf, lol

    yeah, I hope it will survive long enough to show its (hopefully) extreme power.
    and if not, sucker punch is a great priority move. (+perfect coverage with Superpower).

    surf will obviously NEVER ever be used in a fight, caus eit has minimal satk. but I think I'll need a surfer.


    Snow cloak
    - Icicle crash
    - brick break
    - stone edge
    - go go aqua jet!

    finally kinda cool with strong STAB, some coverage moves and priority!


    - Stone Edge
    - EQ
    - superpower again...
    - ??

    yeah. I'm not sure about this one. these are all his usable moves... hm.
    maybe I'll replace it with a lucario. suggestions for his last moveslot?


    clear body
    - gear grind
    - wild charge
    - return/frustration ;D
    - shift gear / volt switch

    I guess after a shift gear it's quite powerful. and frustration>return if it always dies xD

    • 252 atk/252 spe
    - Outrage
    - ice beam --> freeze shock
    - fusion bolt
    - fly.

    yep, fly. and it's not even that bad, cause my team is quite fighting weak, so that should help a bit.
    (EV'd) Freeze shock does more damage than ice beam does in two turns.

    Thanks for your kind attention. ha.
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