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    Genesect and Primesect (smaller version) PNG FILE.jpg

    With the release of the generation V sequels, and the distribution of another event exclusive legendary, I thought I`d depict my version of what I think this pokemon`s original form would have looked like. Genesect draws parallels to Mewtwo, as a scientifically enhanced improvement on the species it came from, so I based this concept pokemon on Mew; and since Genesect is based on a prehistoric cockaroach (supposedly), I also drew inspiration from some blattoptera and ancient mantids as well.

    I designed it to look cute like Mew, while giving it features that could make it dangerous as well: large grasping foreclaws and energy charged wings. I also thought that it should look like something that Team Galaxy would take one look at and say, "It's nice... but we definitely need to improve on that."

    I think it only stands to reason that there would be an original pokemon that Genesect is created from, and I guess we'll find out in the next generation whether that's true, and if so what it looks like; but until then, this is what I think it might look like. I'm curious to see what others think/come up with.

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    As a Genesect fan, I must say I love your fanart.

    Although I guess Genesect's original form were not that cute...

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