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Thread: Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone (Discussion Thread)

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    Default Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone (Discussion Thread)

    Thank you very much Kamotz for approving this. The Role Play thread is open, so I can open it now, like you said.

    So, besides that, I felt like I needed to get this up around the same time as the RPG Thread. Sign-Ups are still open, and you can follow the link here.
    The Actual RP link is here
    Character List:
    Ax Battler- Holly Summers (Billy Mays)
    Griffen Rider (Male)-
    Griffen Rider (Female)-
    Knight- Thegame88
    Undine- Lirea Marine(Mon1010)
    Assassin- Portia Belladonna (*Jean Grey*)
    Witch-Iyulia Esmeralda (GoldenHouou)
    Necromancer-Harry Branthese (deltakurumiru4)
    Tactician (Male)-
    Tactician (Female)-
    Prince- Noctus Artwaltz (CandleReaper, 'Orrible Sign-Up is horrible.)

    As you guys can see, we desperatly need the spots filled, but I feel with Six Players, we can scoot by until WarG-X and The Game get's their sign-ups up.

    Well, so here is for discussing any questions about starting, the Role Play in General, or Plot. This is also for talking about our Characters, and filling out the TvTropes Pages that we'll have soon, but these must clearly not become SPAM. (JEAN! Work on them now please!) So, if you have any questions about the role play, or just wanna talk about current events in the RP or your character, that's fine, but remeber, make sure it's not SPAMY. Well everyone, have a nice day ^_^ (Will have most of my Noctus avi's up soon).
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