Rating: PG for cursing, Poke violence
Fandom: Pokemon
Characters/Parings: Jupiter, OCs
Genre: Adventure, Friendship
Status: on going
By: Gothitelle K
Comments: I kinda redid this chapter so that's why I'm attempting to post this again. It's supposed to be a short journey fic leaving the character unsure what path she wants to take. I used Jupiter as my main character because of the events in the D/P/pl game where she said that same line in the start. To be clear, this story takes place right after the events of the games. So this is two years before my other fics. She's 21 in my present fics but in this one, she's 19.

What should I do now? Is leaving on a journey the right idea?

Those words played in her head as the girl stood outside Stark Mountain. Pieces of ash were raining everywhere as the warm wind was blowing through her hair. She was a young woman who looked to be nineteen years old. She had her pink hair done in a distinctive style with it being tied in two parts. She was also wearing a white skintight, one-pieced uniform and the yellow G emblem on the corner. It was missing a pant leg as her left leg was covered but her right one was exposed and had a garter-like belt. With her height and features, most people would ask if she were a model. She was indeed a gorgeous girl.

She was holding her Pokemon, a purple and white skunk, in her arms while she was trying to get to the nearest Poke Center. Her skuntank just laid in her arms, limp and weak as the girl kept petting her along the way. Down the slopes and rocky roads she went and she went quietly, careful not to walk in front of any eager trainers fishing for a battle. The further away she was from Stark Mountain less the girl saw the falling ashes, and when she finally reached the long flight of stairs leading up and down the mountain side, the ashes stopped falling completely. She was almost to the Resort Area. The girl was so close, she could taste it.

“Don’t worry, we are almost there,” she said to her Pokemon calmly as she began to run the rest of the path.

The girl ran through the short but sharp blades of grass as she was trying to avoid any wild Pokemon that could jump out and attack her. ‘Damn, I wish I had something to where I would go into the grass and not worry about dodging Pokemon!’ she thought as swerved left and right in the grass. Not only were there Pokemon she had to avoid, but she was trying to avoid the other trainers as well. Many young kids were standing around looking for Pokemon while others were engaging in battles with other passerby trainers. Since all of her Pokemon fainted, there really was no use for her to battle. Plus, she didn’t want to waste her energy battling others.

Along the path, palm trees started to turn up. Golf course grass also followed as the girl started to see a huge battling area turn up. People were just standing around and some were going in and out of the gates to the Frontier. She was in the Resort Area and she was elated when she came up to a red building that bared a Poke ball design on the top. She ran to the building as a couple of trainers were entering through the center’s automatic doors. While the doors were still open, the girl ran straight inside before they’d close on her.

Inside the building, the air conditioning was just right as the room temperature air hit her skin. The girl almost had goose bumps as she just stood there to close her eyes. The air inside was quite refreshing as people would say about the Poke Center. It wasn’t long before the young woman opened her eyes and saw that there were three other trainers ahead of her at the healing desk. Upon seeing that, she lets out a heavy sigh as she approached the teenaged boy that was in front of her and waited. While she waited and cuddled her Pokemon, her eyes scanned all around the building. On her left was a row of ten blue PCs for any trainer to use and on her right was a bunch of tables for people to lounge around. Before she could turn around to see what was behind her…

“”Hey!” a guy’s voice said as he tapped the girls arm.

“Eh? What do you want?” The girl asked in an annoyed tone when she saw the school kid.

“Wanna go ahead of me? The person in front of me is just about done and well since you only have one Pokemon, you can go ahead,” the boy said as he stepped side to let the girl go through. “Come on! Ladies first!”

The girl just smiled at him as she just went in front of him to the front desk. At the front desk, a cheery lady with long light pink hair and a dark pink nurse’s dress just smiled at the girl as she was getting ready to ask her usual question.

“Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Center!” the cheery woman exclaimed. “We restore your tired Pokemon to full health. Would you like to rest your Pokemon?”

What kind of stupid question is that? Of course I’m here to heal my damn Pokemon! Why else would I run to the Poke Center with a fainted skuntank in my arms?!” thought the young woman as she nodded yes.

“Okay, I’ll take your Pokemon for a few seconds,” the nurse said.

The girl reached into her bag and grabbed three Poke balls. She handed two of them to the healer as she took the empty on and held it on top of her fainted Pokemon. She pressed the white button in the middle and a red light came out, engulfing the skunk Pokemon as she went back into her Poke ball. After that, the girl gave the remaining Poke ball to the nurse as she puts them in a special rectangular machine. She puts the balls in the corresponding holes as she closed the clear lid to the machine and pressed the green button. A yellow light flashed as a ringing sound could be heard. The light flashed four times before the lady finally opened the lid and removed the Poke balls from the machine. She gave the girl her Poke balls back as gave her a big smile.

“Thank you for waiting. We’ve restored your Pokemon back to health,” the cheery lady said. “We hope to see you again.”

The woman nodded as she headed towards the door. Before she could exit, she grabbed her Poke ball and pressed the white button in the middle. A white light came bursting from her ball as that same purple skunk Pokemon she was holding in her arms emerged. This time, she was fully energized as she happily wagged her bushy tail and leaped onto her owner’s arms.

“Skuntank! You’re better!” the young woman exclaimed as she smiled. “Now let’s get out of here...”

As the girl went through the automatic doors, she stood outside looking around at the scenery. She was unsure... unsure of what to do now as she just stared at the sun. She was leaving behind a team which she had joined when she was seventeen and now was an ordinary girl. ‘Even though I lost to that girl many times, Team Galactic was what I knew at the time. It’s going to be different without them, especially without the boss and my friend...’ the young woman thought as her pink eyes started to water. She puts down her skuntank as she quickly wiped her tears away. ‘At the same time though, it’s kinda best to split from the team, especially since we are just going to get knocked down by that Silver girl. Besides, maybe a journey would be good for me. Kids say that they learn alot about themselves on these journeys. Maybe I’ll learn about myself as well...’

While she looked around, the girl spotted a nearby small white bench by the Resort entrance. She walked toward the bench as she sifted through her bag. Once she sat down, she found her P-phone and started looking through the list of contacts. She then pressed the option that said “mom” and held the phone up to her ear, hoping to get an answer. She rests her head on her arm as she listened to the drawn out ringer. Then, someone answered ‘hello’ on the other line and when that happened, the girl took a deep breath as she began to speak.

“Mom... it’s me, Jupiter...” the girl said in a depressed tone.

“Jupiter? It’s been so long!” the woman on the other line exclaimed. “How is everything? How is your team doing?”

Jupiter lets out a heavy sigh as she started to explain. “I quit Team Galactic. So I’m heading off to do my own thing and I was wondering... can I stay with you for a few until I figure out where I want to go from there?”

A short pause lingered for a few seconds before the woman began to answer. “O-of course you can... We can talk about everything else later but of course you can stay. Do you know where Nacrene City is located?”

“No. I’ve never heard of it and I know every city in this region,” Jupiter responded as she looked at her town map.

A short pause appeared again as the girl was scanning for a second time on her map with no cigar.

“Hm. You’re still in the Sinnoh region then. How does traveling to a whole new region sound to you?”

Jupiter dropped her phone in shock as her eyes widened. When she picked up her phone, she could barely speak. She didn’t know what to say at the moment. Not only was she leaving the team she’s known, but she’s also leaving the region she’s known as well, and to a place she had no clue about. ‘I’d like to go on a journey but... a new region? With new Pokemon, new cities, new team, new everything?’ The thought of moving made tears come to her eyes. While change was good, this also meant that she would make new friends and there was only one person on her team who she got along with pretty well. ‘Will I actually learn more about myself in a different setting or in the same old setting I’ve known my whole life?’ Jupiter thought as she sat there, shocked.