I just counted roughly how many episodes it took Ash to get 8 badges, and then how long it took to see the conclusion of each Pokemon League, and I got these rough numbers:

Kanto: 63, 80
Johto: 138, 156
Hoenn: 111, 131
Sinnoh: 179, 189
Unova: 84 (86 with TRvTP?)

The Unova League could maybe conclude by maybe 110. It's soon, isn't it?

Anyway, I didn't see AG or DP so I'll be interested to hear opinions here. We all know that Johto being twice as long as Kanto did it no favours, and they really screwed up in using all that extra time effectively.

Would anyone say that Kanto, Hoenn and Unova have less filler than Johto and Sinnoh? I guess we should take into account that the former two got extra seasons to fill in the gap before the next series, and Unova is likely to have one too.

I feel like Unova has way less filler than the show I watched growing up, but that show spent a lot of time in Johto!