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Thread: Does the BW saga have the least filler out every series?

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    Unova has a lot of episodes that did little besides show a 1 minute TR scenes.

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    I hope the filler saga we're about to get involves N and his men and the Final Battle with Team Rocket. (Maybe Team Plasma will follow Team Rocket to Kanto)
    Maybe Ash will go back to Kanto bringing Iris and Cilan with him to introduce to them to his old friends such as Brock, Misty, and May & Max, and Ash will head to northern where the Tree of Beginning was located to find N and challenge him and the sages who look after him! This will be like the Battle Frontier only this with the Sages and it'll probably be much quicker than in Battle Frontier if Gen VI would release fall 2013. Meanwhile Team Rocket will pursue Ash and Pikachu and this will be the Real final battle that will bring The End of Team Rocket.

    What was the main purpose of that Tempest Mission that said it would be The end of Team Rocket?

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    in my opinion, thefillers in dp, ag and os were good (not amazing, but still good) however quite a lot of the BW fillers bored me to death. its kinda predictable at times.

    but then there are some amazing fillers like the litwick mansion, bouffalant, mistalton tower and the pyramid fillers. they were amazing
    Happiny is awesome

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    Yes, and that's one of the main reasons it's my favorite 2 seasons.

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    Only if they did tournaments like that tag team one back in D/P towards the end of the series, now that'd be fun.
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