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Thread: Ash's Pokemon: What would you name them?

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    Default Ash's Pokemon: What would you name them?

    Just like the title says, anyone wonder what Ash would name his Pokemon if he ever did? I mean isn't calling a pikachu "Pikachu" basically calling a dog "Dog"? He did name a few in the Electric Tale of Pikachu Manga, but that never seem to stick.

    A friend of mine gave a good suggested for Pikachu's name: Thor. Why?

    Pikachu defeated a Regice = Pikachu defeated a Frost Giant, actually considering his size Pikachu is often the "David" against Goliath (I think there was even an episode title that went "Pikachu and Goliath" or something...). Or Jack against a bunch of giants... You get the idea.

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    I'll only name the current Team minding that this is a kid's show.

    Pikachu = Speedy
    Unfezant = Pidge
    Oshawott = Otters
    Pignite = Piggy
    Snivy = Smugleaf Sassy
    Scraggy = Slithers
    Leavanny = Wiggles
    Palpitoad = Slippy
    Boldore = Rocky
    Krookodile = Captain Krook Sneaky

    Axew = ChewXew
    Excadrill = DigDrill
    Emolga = SqueOlga

    Pansage = Singe
    Crustle = Homard
    Stunfish = Poisson

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    pikachu: pikasneeze
    Unfezant = jetsauce
    Oshawott = ochie
    Pignite = pumba
    Snivy = Kaa
    Scraggy = baggy-pants
    Leavanny = leafybuns
    Palpitoad = toady the enforcer
    Boldore = everest
    Krookodile = killer croc
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    Ash (I really can't see Ash get too creative xD :

    Pikachu- 'Chu
    Unfezant- Dove
    Oshawott- Osha
    Pignite- N/A (can't be named)
    Snivy- N/A (same as above
    Scraggy- Scraggs
    Leavanny- Leaf
    Palpitoad- WhoRu? Palpi
    Boldore- Rola
    Krookodile- Dile


    Iris (dragonish names):

    Axew- Nester
    Excadrill- Ryuu
    Emolga- LilPrincess
        Spoiler:- :

    Dento (herbs in tea) :

    Pansage- Hawthorn
    Crustle- Burdock
    Stunfisk- Nettle

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