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Thread: The Artist's Corner

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    Default The Artist's Corner

    Hello, and welcome to the Artist's Corner!!!

    This is a club for all artists out there who would love to share their experiences with art, digital digital... Anyway, you can discuss all of your art needs here. Maybe you have a question about shading. Maybe you want to know how much an important tool costs. Maybe you just want to hang around fellow artists. Look no further, this is the club!!!

    This club is open to anyone who participates in any form of graphical art, including traditional (painting, pencil drawing, etc.), digital, graphic design, and anything in-between. It doesn't matter whether you do it as a hobby, an amateur who takes commissions, or a fully-fledged professional; everyone is welcome regardless of age or experience level. Feel free to discuss anything that strikes you, ask questions, request feedback, and enjoy art in general!


    1. Follow all SPPF rules. You all already know this.
    2. You should be an artist of some kind to join. Again, it doesn't matter whether you do it as an occasional hobby or if you're in art school studying to be a professional, but if you consider yourself enough of one to call yourself an artist, then you're very welcome here.
    3. Stay on topic. Art is a broad discipline, and conversations will always find ways of veering off elsewhere, but try to keep it as related as you can.
    4. Be appropriate with language and imagery alike. While I'm not personally opposed to depictions of mature content (violence and blood, porn, or touchy iconography or subject matter, among other things), some people may be. If you absolutely must post it, make sure to clearly label and LINK TO IT from an outside source instead of image tagging it. I'm lenient, but let's not do stuff like this in excess to begin with. Also, try to avoid language that might make people uncomfortable; same idea as the part with images.
    5. Inactive members will be removed at certain intervals. To keep the list clear, I'll probably do a pruning of it every so often and take note of who has or hasn't participated much. You don't need to be creating something to show off, but at least let us know you're alive with a little conversation!
    6. Be respectful to all members, especially if offering or responding to feedback. Critique is a subjective matter, but standard courtesy still applies on both sides. Do not attack someone whose art you don't like, and do not retaliate if you disagree with what someone said about your art. I'll handle disputes, should they arise, on a case-by-case basis.
    7. Please VM me your application to join as well as posting it in the club! Let's continue this trend, since it does make it easier to figure out who needs to be added!
    8. ADDED 4/15/2013: Please VM or PM me if you change your name, or are about to change it. For ease of keeping track, and so I can go in and change your username on the list. Pretty simple.
    9. ADDED 4/15/2013: Do not quote long or image-heavy posts in your responses, unless you happen to be specifically pointing something out in the image or something. Either trim the quoted post down so it's still clear who you are responding to without being long, or don't quote the post at all if it doesn't seem necessary. An easy mistake to make, but it'll save a few scrolling fingers and a bit of frustration to avoid this where possible.

    Strike/Ban List

    I'm sure you all know the basics, but let's go over it again for good measure: three strikes, you're out. Your first strike nets you a warning, the second will get you a one week ban from the club, and the third will see you permanently removed.

    It is at my discretion to give strikes or change the consequences, depending on the offense. I reserve the right to give different punishments based on the severity of whatever it was you did, and also maintain that the rules list above is by no means a comprehensive list. Basically, use your common sense and don't try to skirt doing stupid things just because it wasn't in the rules.

    BANNED: Shiny Glaceon: For art theft from various sources.


    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    What art you enjoy doing:
    How you became interested in art:


        Spoiler:- Artists:


    Credit: Eeveelover824
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