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Thread: Pikachu vs Mewtwo and Ash vs Giovanni

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    Cool Pikachu vs Mewtwo and Ash vs Giovanni

    I don't know why I always have a strange feeling that Giovanni is Ash's dad. The writers never mentioned what happened to Ash's father whatsoever. I believe that his dad had the same ambition as Ash to become a Pokemon master. But, for some reason, he turned to the dark side and has now become the Godfather of Team Rocket. That person could be Giovanni.

    Probably, Ash's heartbroken mother wants to keep that secret from him because she is so sad about her husband's wrongdoings.

    If Ash becomes a Pokemon Master one day, he will face the Elite Four and even more dangerous challengers like Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo has strong hatred against human beings and might turn evil again because he feels being betrayed by people.

    Here are my questions.

    (1) If Ash somehow finds out that Giovanni is his father, will Ash battle him? and why?

    (2) If Mewtwo turns evil again, how can Pikachu awaken his true hidden potential to battle Mewtwo?

    (3) I also notice an unusual bond between Pikachu and Ash. They seem to be more than just trainer and Pokemon. Probably, Pikachu was a human boy and changed to a
    Pokemon like the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
    Do you think Pikachu and Ash are actually brothers?
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