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    Quote Originally Posted by _Taidow_ View Post
    Meh. Kinda weak of a plot.

    I didn't like this episode too much.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lucario Fan View Post
    My favourite part of the episode was when Pignite roasted Oshawott. They should do things like that more often.

    the crossdressing was pretty meh since I didnt understand the ep.

    And people say Dragonite is OP. Emolga has a 100% win record for Arceu's sake and the plot ice immunity most likely is gone by now. And I'm so sick of everyone getting glorification except ash in BW, Cilan only recently took any real losses, iris dominated the nimbasa battle club, this ep, and most of the world cup and most likely drayden in the future, Trip swept the world cup, Kotetsu stomped Marlon into the ground..etc. When is Ash getting his turn?
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