Haha, I really like this episode! It was so funny, especially the cross dressing part and its also great to see Ashley again.

I'm glad Ash, Iris and Cilan are on the move again, they were staying in Cynthia's villa for too long and with Jervis taking care of them. XD I'm already excited for the Unova League, the Vertress Conference! Its nice knowing Iris wanted Ash and Cilan to see and visit the Village of Dragons but I think its for another reason. XD Awesome! A new opening, its so cool~!

Lol, they all took a break to go eat some of Jervis's food and Oshawott finished his so ate all of Pignite's. Its funny still seeing them fight, even when Pignite evolved.
Haha, Oshawott just blasted off Hydro Pump on Emolga to bunch of girls that angered Iris by calling all the Pokemon unattractive while theirs are the most attractive in all of Unova.
I guess Iris took it too far this time, trying to chase them and tracked them down 'cause she also got Ash and Cilan to dress like girls... XDDD

Well, Iris got her payback but man, Ash, I mean Ashley was so funny the rest of the way on. XD Saying stuff like; "I this girl nuts?" XD Awe, they even got, Pikachu, I mean Pikachu-ette? To cross dress by using its tail in a heart shape. Haha yeah, too bad Cilan and Pansage got messed up badly the whole run of this episode. XD Ash should've used Snivy... :/

So they go back to the shop, get changed and leave. Haha yeah, so I really like this episode, its super funny and I enjoyed it!