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Thread: dragonite or haxorus

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    Default dragonite or haxorus

    Okay my dilema is i cant decide between Haxorus or Dragonite for my final team heres my team plan so far

    Haxorus or Dragonite cant decide

    Any sugestions would be helpful thanks
    yellow team

    crystal team

    fire red team

    emerald team

    platinum team

    soul silver team

    white team

    arcanine emboar haxorus braviary caracosta sawsbuck

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    For in-game, both will be fine, but Haxorus is available before the Elite 4 while you need to complete the game once and get to Nuvema Town to get the Super Rod to fish for Dratini.
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    Choose Haxorus if you want pure power on your team. If you want for of a balance on your team, then choose Dragonite. You have Emboar and Arcanine and they are both very strong in Attack and Special Attack, so Dragonite would be a safer bet and you wouldn't lose too much, but Haxorus can 1HKO or 2HKO almost anything that will come your way.
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