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Frau seems cool, though I can't help but wonder if those subs were legit, I mean "Make a thread about it" and "time to fap" just don't seem legit.
I think it's likely that she was spouting some untranslatable Japanese internet-gibberish so the subbers did their best to recreate what she was saying in an understandable way for English-speaking viewers. It's not like there isn't a precedent for internet-gibberish in the Semicolon franchise.

Anyway, it's been brought to my attention that September 11th 2010 (the day the mass fainting thing happened) is in real life the day that an advanced Japanese communications satellite was launched into space. Given the precedent for using real life tech stuff in Steins;Gate and the fact that JAXA has already been introduced in the show, it isn't impossible that this is somehow relevant.