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    Default ELECTRIC SHOCK // the banner + avatar shop!

    E l e c t r i c S h o c k !

    Shop status: OPEN!

    Warm welcome from Elesa, yoo-hoo.

    Hello! Welcome and hello again! You've stumbled upon Ruby Moon's new graphic and spriting shop, ELECTRIC SHOCK Shop. E☆S Shop provides your general icon and simple signatures. You may also request several sprite works from me, Ruby Moon. The name E☆S was taken from f(x), a South Korean girl-group's lead single, Electric Shock.

    R☆S Shop is looking for one new worker! Here's the requirements:
    → Able to do graphics. (Medium quality, at least)
    → Able to do spriting.
    → Could finish at least one/two requests per day.
    → Interested? PM me with your samples and you're in!

    ► RULES
    ★ All general SPPf rules and fanart shops forum rules apply here.
    ★ HQ images are a must.
    ★ You can request three icons at once (the maximum amount) and one signature at once.
    ★ Use the form when you're requesting, or your request will be rejected.
    ★ No chatspeak and spam in the shop please.
    ★ If you use fanart for icon/sig, you need to credit the original fanartist. Photobucket, Googles, and etc. are invalid credits. (Except if you really don't know the artist.)
    ★ I only accept five requests at time.
    ★ Don't rush me. Everyone has life.
    ★ All requests here will be NOT shareable. If you want to make it shareable, state it on your request.
    ★ Upload the icons/sig/sprite to your own server, since I can't recover the exceeded bandwidth myself.
    ★ Don't request when the shop is closed or you'll be banned.
    ★ Credit is a must and feedbacks makes Karin happy.

    Break the rules above, you'll get a warning. Three times of warning, you'll get banned. Banned two times = permanent ban. Sorry. 8(


    Icon Samples ;;

    Simple Signature ;;

    My coloring style/texting style depends on what pic that you use for me. I don't do much text since I only focus at coloring. I prefer it if you give me 1 image per request. Thankyou 8')

    ► FORMS

    HTML Code:
    [U][B]// icons[/B][/U]
    [B]Base Image:[/B] (HQ image only; maximum is 3 images)
    [B]Text:[/B] (Optional. I prefer textless though)
    [B]Size:[/B] (You can also request icons that's over 100x100 pixels)
    [B]Etc:[/B] Whatever you like here
    Simple Signatures
    HTML Code:
    [U][B]// signatures[/B][/U]
    [B]Base Image:[/B] (HQ image only; maximum is 1 image)
    [B]Size:[/B] (Please see the size limit and signature rules!)
    [B]Text:[/B] (Optional and I prefer textless)
    [B]Etc:[/B] Whatever you like


    Let's keep this list empty, mmkay?

        Spoiler:- Warned list:

        Spoiler:- Banned list:
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    i'm in shock e-electric shock!

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