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    Welcome to Omega! Exactly 1000 years ago there was a ancient warrior who discovered 3 new Pokemon. One of those Pokemon was feared by all people and had horribly strong phsychic powers, the next, took people over with hope and had strength like a dragon, and finally the last, people gazed at in wonder and ruled all forests, and fields of grass! These Pokemon were Mewtwo, the one feared by all, Latias, the one with so much hope, and Celebi, the one who was gazed at in wonder. Together they formed a team called Omega. These Pokemon have protected Omega since the day it was made. They all had part in it. But, they got into a massive war with other pokemon over Omega. They were soon badly wounded. They battled on and on, until the very end. They eventually won that war. They then became ancient legends. They were feared by all. But, now another evil Pokemon is planning to bring down Omega and take over. Mewtwo, Latias, and Celebi battled on with it until the end. It beat them. They are now healing and we have to take down this new evil force. It will be tough and we all know that. But, we here push our strength to the very best and even past that. We work together as a team to accomplish a challenge. Together we will win and Omega will be safe once again. Join Omega today and help!
    Now onto the rest...

    1)No spamming,no silly,innapropriate,or nonsense posting.
    2)No clan hopping,if you are in another clan don't join here until you leave that clan.
    3)No trolling, please be respectful to other members.
    4)Notify leader if leaving,don't leave without telling a leader.
    5)Be respectful,don't be rude to other clan members.
    6)Be patient,don't rush anyone to give you something, or battle you.
    7)Stay on topic,Pokemon and clan related only.
    8)Follow all of the serebii rules.
    9)If you leave, wait 1 week to repost the application.
    10)Have fun,the most important rule of all.

    1 strike: Warning
    2 strikes : 1 Day Ban
    3 strikes: 1 Week Ban
    4 strikes: 1 Month Ban
    5 strikes: Permaban

        Spoiler:- Bad People:

    Leader: Dylan18
    Co-leader: Exeggudork
    War manager:
    Artists:Highway Hero
    Breeders: Exeggudork,mew661, Aswertyuiol
    EV trainer: Kyle12
    Level upper: masterhorror
    Tutor: Chingchar
    War team testers:

    To join, simply fill out this application!

    HTML Code:
    [b]Serebii Username:[/b]
    [b]Wifi or PO/PS?[/b]
    [b]Wifi FC or PO/PS Name:[/b]
    [b]Which division would you like to be in (Fear, Hope, or Wonder):[/b]
    [b]How can you contribute to Omega?:[/b]
    [b]Rate yourself as a battler(1-10):[/b]
    [b]Would you like to be in any special positions or the war team?:[/b]
    [b]Referred by:[/b]

    The three divisions are Fear, Hope, and Wonder. They are lead by:

    Fear: Thunderstrike18
    Hope: Chingchar
    Wonder: Exeggudork

    Welcome to the Fear division! We will creep the living daylights out of people's very souls. Join our ranks and destroy!

    This is the beginning rank for all who join the Fear division. You're just new, but have potential.
    -Highway Hero(40 MP)
    -meta salamance
    -Venomous Lucario
    -shadow giratina (5 MP)

    50 MP is needed for this rank, and you have recognizable potential.
    -rallo92 (60 MP)
    -iqgoldmine (100 MP)

    125 MP is needed for this rank and you are consistently learning well.

    200 MP is needed for this rank, and you are truly recognizable.

    350 MP is required for this rank. You have become a legend, and a legend you will stay.

    Reserved for the Fear Leader.

    Here is the Hope division! We will empower people with hope to defeat all opponents!

    This is the starting rank for all Hope division members. You're new, but have potiental.
    -mew661(40 MP)
    -Kyle12( 20 MP)
    - Aswertyuiol

    50 MP is needed for this rank. You have begun to show some learning process.

    125 MP is required for this rank. You have progressed at good progress, and are an above-average individual.

    200 is required for this rank. You have achieved a high rank and have successfully completed most of your training.

    350 MP is required for this rank. Being the leader of a quartet (with Keldeo) is not easy, and you have become a legend. And indeed, a legend you will stay.

    Reserved for the Hope division leader.

    Welcome to the Wonder division! We will inspire awe in people's hearts as they stare in wonder at us!

    Starting rank for all Wonder division members. You're new, but have potiental.


    50 MP is required for this rank. You show perseverance within you.

    125 MP is required for this rank. You have learned a third of the total training, and show good work.
    -Shiny Milotic is a BOSS (190 MP)

    200 MP is needed for this rank. You have trained fairly well overall. You are almost done with it.

    350 MP is required for this rank, and you have successfully completed all your training. You have become a legend, and a legend you will stay.

    Reserved for the leader of the Wonder division.

    At Omega, we have a currency called MP (Miracle Points). You can earn MP my doing any of the following:

    5 MP- Beat a member at a lower rank than you.
    5 MP- Donate a Pokemon!
    10 MP- Beat a member with the same rank as you.
    20 MP- Beat a member with a higher rank than you.
    5 MP- Enroll in a special position.
    10 MP- Enroll in two special positions.
    15 MP- Enroll in three or more special positions.
    25 MP- Win a war battle.
    35 MP- Win a war battle in a war we won.
    40 MP- Do something great for the clan.

    If you win a battle and want points for it you must use this form:
    HTML Code:
    [b]Opponent's Username:[/b]
    [b]Opponent's Rank:[/b]
    [b]Your Rank:[/b]
    [b]MP Earned:[/b]
    [b]Replay (Optional):[/b]
    [b]Additional Information:[/b]

        Spoiler:- Credits:

    Eeveelover824 is our clans personal artist. We may request there when the shop is closed, we don't have to wait 24 hours to request again either. Please, remember not to go crazy on her.

    Thank you for taking the time to view us. We hope you join and have a great time here!
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    Omega - 1/1/13

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