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Thread: Pretty Cure!

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    Dating Korrina in y :P

    Red face Pretty Cure!

    My counsoler told me yesterday that this anime is popular in the states! Does anyone else watch this series at all? Personally its a favorite of mine. added that blissey cuz its like a pretty cure like pokemon lol
    I'm a girl lol
    PLEASE don't call me a 'guy'. Its a real pet peeve of mine with my autism and how my brain work's. thank you...
    Gay, happy triox! Wait, gay also means happy, right? :P Riiight?
    I have a MAJOR crush on korrina and i think she's totally awesome! best gym leader ever. Should be a champion.
    I have autism and try to keep an open mind about things. My life can get weird.

    I made this blingee of one of the most awesome pokemon EVER :3
    ~Lipstick Lesbian and Proud~

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    I know that smile pretty cure albeit under the dub name Glitter Force is on Netfix.

    I think the first pretty cure series was also dubbed but I don't know where to find the English dub of it.

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