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    Default Attack on Titan

    I'm not a major anime fan (I really only like AoT, Wolf's Rain, Pokemon, and Full Metal Alchemist), but I am almost obsessed with Attack on Titan. The fighting, the awesomeness...ahh, so wonderful.
    And LEVI. Freaking the BEST! I love Levi. And Mikasa. And Eren and Armin are cool as well.
    I love it so much that I named my Aerodactyl after Levi. I almost named my Leafeon after Mikasa, but opted not to.
    I do not like Annie. Grr. Nor John. I think he's a weak coward.

    Anyways...who is YOUR favorite character from AoT??

    Gahh I cannot wait for more episodes! 25 is not enough!

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    John? You mean Jean? Well yes he starts off as a egomaniac coward but he undergoes some quick and significant development after what happens to Marco. It doesn't make him one of my favorite characters, by any means (tbh I still wish Marco was still around, I was really starting to like him), but you can't deny that Jean basically becomes another Eren.

    I'm not sure what to think about Annie. I liked her at first, then I grew to despise her. But I have a feeling her motives will become clearer as the manga goes on, motives that will warrant some sympathy. I mean the flashback you see with her father is enough to make me curious as is.

    As for my personal faves, I'm one of the rare minority, seeing how my absolute favorite is Armin. I've always liked characters that play the voice of reason, and without him practically most (if not all) of the main characters would have been killed a long time ago. (Also he has quite a few awesome moments in the manga but I don't want to spoil any of dat here lol).

    My other favorite is Hanji. Crazy scientist. That is all.

    Mikasa is cool and all, but I feel like she's kinda overhyped. She's broken as all hell (emotion-wise), yet she turns into a raging (or sobbing) monster if anything involves Eren. She rarely gives any of the other characters including Armin a second glance. I dunno, she just seems too simple to me in terms of personality and development.

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    There is already an Attack on Titan thread here: Please do not make duplicate threads on the same subject.

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