So I'm in IB Calc at my school, and we have to do this project where we research the mathematics of something we're interested, and I did Pokemon and how their stats work. I trained 50 Nincada's to level 50, in order to track their stat changes. I'm doing the math for it right now, which I'm having some trouble with regarding the base stats.

Nincada's base stats are normally 31/45/90/30/30/40, which means at level 100 its stats (disregarding all other factors) would be 172/95/185/65/65/85. However, since my Nincada's are all at level 50, I'm not sure how this works out.

Am I able to divide all of those by two, and come out with the appropriate stats for a level 50 Nincada, or is it something different altogether?