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Ahh celebi. If only you dated and mrried Grovyle in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, pokemon may have had a love story and be a popular shipping debate other than the human shippings.

Anyways, Guess what, one of my legendary pokemon team members. Celebi! Remember her monstrous form in Movie 4? she got nasty plotted. But from experience using her, She (forgive me for giving legendaries genders) is very suitable for doubles and triples (if you wanted though, Rotation) with any set you could give to her. Whether she's a bag mined girl fighter or a patient status inducer or a team supporter.

Mixed set.
-Giga drain
-Leech seed
-Shadow ball

Aka. Fairy + (Saria + Link) = Celebi the time travelling cute fairy pokemon. Give him the master sword to kill Darkrai and big bad Emboar the Ganon. Please we could go with some Legend of Zelda Puns for Celebi, the LEGENDARY hero of time
That would be funny if it could learn leaf blade and maybe psycho cut.