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Thread: Scary Glitches/Sprites/Moments in Pokemon

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    Heya! Because it's October, I decided to start a thread about the scariest glitches, sprites and moment in Pokemon Games! I don't care if they come with pics or not, but because I always try to read as many CreepyPastas in October about Pokemon, I figured some of this would count. The scariest sprite I ever saw was a Golbat that I think was from Red, Blue, Green or Yellow... can't remember! The scariest Glitch I've seen was MissingNo. I remember my friend bringing a GameBoy his Dad had and a Pokemon Blue Cartridge and finding MissingNo... We both screamed. And, finally, the scariest Moment was when that same friend showed me the ghost of Marowak in Lavender Town... and I tripped of a rock from screaming and running in circles in the grass field. Anyway, enough of me! I only want to hear what other users have to say!
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    Non-pokemon threads only here, sorry!

    pm me any reports/questions that you may have
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