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    Default The Gastronomy Club

    The Gastronomy Club

    I would like to welcome you my fellow Gourmets and Chefs to the wonder Gastronomy club. Here we can indulge about the wonderful aspects of food, from the wide arrange of flavors it brings upon our tongues, or the art of plating it that looks like a painting. Whatever the cause is, or however it is prepared, we look forward to sampling every dish we can get out hands on, and bring down divine judgment on its flavors. So, I welcome you to the club food lovers, Bon Appetite!

    • All Standard SPPF Rules apply here
    • Be kind, even though we love the same thing, our taste buds might not like the same flavors.
    • Please have fun, we’re here under the name of food. So don’t under eat, or overindulge.
    • If you want to suggest something, go on ahead. We’re always eager to try out a new dish.
    • Most importantly, you must be open minded. You might discover something new just by our day to day conversations about our wonderful indulgences.
    • Don’t forget, keep some snacks available (Like the wonderful Chocolate) , we might make you hungry

    What we do here
    • Talk about the marvelous art that is food and Gastronomy in general.
    • Post pictures of our recent indulgence, or creations. Make sure you say what is , and where it’s from if you didn’t make it
    • Recipe Sharing. Does that mean you ask you sweet old grandma for her famous cookie recipe? No, but if you thought of something, post it here, we’ll love to try to make is!
    • Tell us what you recently ate, be descriptive, to make us crave, but not enough to make us grossed out
    • It isn’t limited to just food, tell us about Drinks too! (Well, Non-Alcoholic. If , try to make sure if it is, a Virgin Version can be made, then post it)


    Name (If it’s October/March, post you’re Name Change if you’re Doing

    Nickname (What we can call you, our fellow foodie):

    What you classify yourself as (Foodie, Chef, and so on):

    Favorite Foods (We would love to hear them)


    Name: CandleReaper (Lost Requiem)

    Nickname: You can call me either Lit (Short for Litwick) or Lost

    What you classify yourself as: Chef, and Chocoholic

    Favorite Foods: Steak, Burgers, Chocolate, Sushi (And specifically Unagi and Masago), Ice Cream, Raspberries, Potatoes, Peppers, and Pasta.

    List of Terminology (For those of you who’ll need it)

    Chocoholic- A person is in love, and pretty much addicted, to Chocolate.

    Formage- French word for Cheese

    Gastronomy- The study of the Art, Science, and Culture of food.

    Virgin- A normally Alcoholic drink that isn’t. I.E A Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri (I love those BTW)
    Lost Requiem (Owner)
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