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Thread: Rate my team and please add possible suggestions.

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    Default Rate my team and please add possible suggestions.

    Forretress naughty nature
    Lv. 58 sturdy
    Stealth rock
    Toxic spikes

    Is used just to set up entry hazards and explosion is used to just take something out after it has finished it's use.

    Togekiss sassy nature
    Lv. 63 serene grace
    Aura sphere
    Air slash
    Ancient power
    Thunder wave

    Para flinch combo is used also a lucky ancient power and aura sphere for type coverage.

    Porygon Z gentle nature
    Lv. 63 download
    Signal beam
    Charge beam

    My personal favourite can take hits from other special sweepers and can dish out the pain. However I dropped the STAB for type coverage.

    Luxray Gentle nature
    Lv. 63 intimidate
    Thunder fang

    Another favourite a lot of type coverage however the swagger is used for more damage on the confusion, you would be surprised how bulky this is and how well it can take hits.

    Lucario hasty nature
    Lv. 64 steadfast
    Extreme speed
    Dragon pulse
    Dark pulse
    Aura sphere

    Again brilliant type coverage the extreme speed is used to destroy Pokemon in the red and not give them a chance to strike back.

    Gyarados careful nature
    Lv 62. Intimidate
    Ice fang
    Dragon dance
    Aqua tail

    A beast. Can take out almost anything after a couple of dragon dances.

    Please can you suggest items and I have started Ev training them. Can you also suggest which ones I should use in the battle frontier.

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    Lucario: It's better off as a physical sweeper, although you could potentially run a mixed set, like Extremespeed/Close Combat/Dragon Pulse/Shadow Ball.
    Waterfall over Aqua Tail on Gyarados for the flinch rate once Gyarados has DDed up.
    Psychic over Psybeam on P-Z, and T-Bolt over Charge Beam.
    Roost over Ancientpower as Fighting+Flying has good coverage.
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    Foretress laying entry hazards are pretty useless.
    -gyro ball
    -bug bite
    -rock slide

    For luxray I like spark over thunder fang, same power but spark has 100% accuracy. Ice fang instead of swagger if your breeding.

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    Ice Beam>Psybeam

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