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    Default Firered Team Advice

    I just beat Erika and the saved Mr. Fuji at Pokémon Tower.

    Venusaur level 35
    Razor Leaf
    Leech Seed
    Poison Powder

    Pikachu level 36
    Quick Attack
    Thunder Wave

    Dugtrio level 34

    Hitmonchan level 36
    Sky Uppercut
    Thunder Punch
    Ice Punch
    Fire Punch

    The main reason I'm posting is because I want some suggestions on moves for them to learn later. My main concerns are whether or not I should have Pikachu learn Thunder, and if so, would it be a good idea to replace Thunderbolt with Thunder. My other concern is Hitmonchan's moveset. I love the elemental punch attacks on him for when I transfer him to my newer generation games, but Hitmonchan's crappy Special Attack makes them a little weak in this generation. I'm just looking for other suggestions for a good moveset on Hitmonchan.

    I'm also having a lot of trouble choosing between Lapras and Dewgong to become my water/ice type. They both seem to be good Pokémon and I like them both a lot.

    My last Pokémon I plan on using Is Aerodactyl.

    Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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    Venusaur @Leftovers
    Modest / Overgrow
    ~ Sunny Day
    ~ Solarbeam
    ~ Synthesis
    ~ Earthquake/Razor Leaf/Leech Seed/Sleep Powder

    Sun Venusaur always works for me. Sunny Day gives Solarbeam no charge time and Synthesis heals 2/3 of the max HP in sun.

    Raichu @Magnet
    Modest / Static
    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Brick Break
    ~ Rest
    ~ Thunder Wave

    Dugtrio @Soft Sand
    Adamant / Arena Trap
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Fissure
    ~ Aerial Ace
    ~ Sludge Bomb

    Hitmonchan @Leftovers
    Jolly / Iron Fist
    ~ Sky Uppercut
    ~ Mega Punch/Earthquake
    ~ Counter
    ~ Bulk Up

    Aerodactyl @Hard Stone
    Adamant / Rock Head
    ~ Rock Slide
    ~ Double-Edge
    ~ Aerial Ace
    ~ Earthquake

    Last Pokémon:

    Arcanine @Charcoal
    Modest / Intimidate
    ~ Flamethrower / Heat Wave
    ~ ExtremeSpeed
    ~ Iron Tail
    ~ Crunch

    Glad I could help
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    Thank you so much for the help! I greatly appreciate it. I had no idea Dugtrio could learn Aerial Ace, that's gonna be helpful.

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