Now, recently I picked up Halo Wars again, and was slightly more happy with it this time. Let me explain why...

When first played Halo Wars, I went in with extremely high expectations. At first, it seemed pretty cool, but the gameplay seemed really limited to me, especially since Halo Wars came in at the height of my "Command and Conquer 3" addiction. Of course, I thought the two games would be similar. Never have I been more wrong. I didn't like how I had to build a base only in one single area. It really annoyed me. Especially how I had to kill some rebels to build a base when I just as easily build somewhere else. Then there was how little buildings I could make. In order to even make the army I want, I need two friggin citadels. Albeit, the Scarabs were quite worth using (kill all the things!), but I had nothing to support them with due to a low population cap. Not to mention when my base is attacked, I only have four measly turrents that aren't even the right class to fight the enemy. Then I need to upgrade my Warthog to put any sort of weaponry on it, Are you kidding me?

Recently when I played it, I found my self slightly more satisfied because I was paying more attention to the detail and how well crafted the game (sorta) was. I still had the same problems, sure, but I must say, it's definetly a pretty game to look at. The units were well made, although the coloring could have been a little less bland, and they seemed pretty well specialized to their classes and factions, except for the Scarab. If your opponent uses a Scarab, give up all hope. The units and abilities also made it really easy to strategize, and the commanding units for the Covenant are definetly worth using. The Rhino and Mantis are really the only vehicles that they added in that were really nice.

All in all, although I did have some problems, I recommend that you guys play this game.