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    Default •Official B2/W2 In-Game Tiers• * READ THE OP *

    Pokemon Black / White 2
    In Game Tiers Thread

    What are In Game Tiers?
    The In Game Tiers are SPPf’s attempt to rank each Pokemon within the Unova Dex based on how useful they are throughout the course of the main game. The applies to everything plot-based that occurs until the first Iris Battle at the end of the League. Each Pokemon will be tiered based on several criterias.

    What are these Criterias?

    • Availability – How early can a Pokemon be obtained? How long does it take upon capture to become a relevant member if your party?
    • Movepool – How diverse is a Pokemon’s movepool? Does it have all the moves it needs to readily fuction as a part of your team, or does it lack the moves to pull it’s own weight? How early does it get said moves?
    • Stats – How well-versed are a Pokemon’s stats? Does it have the stats it needs to be to become a fast sweeper, or a tank that can endure hits well enough? Does it specilize in one particular stat, or can it function in multiple roles?
    • Major Battles – How well does a Pokemon fare in each of the Major Battles it partakes in? Does it play a critical role in any particular battle, or does it serve a support role?
    • Efficiency - How efficient is a Pokemon? Does it sweep teams with little toruble? Does it require some form of setup for real offensive presence? Does it forgoe fast-paced battles for more stalling?
    • Synergy - How well can a Pokemon fit into a team? Does it fit into any team with relatively little trouble? Or does it need support from certain teammates for it to really work?

    How Many Tiers will be used?
    This particular thread will use Seven diferent Tiers. They are as below

    • Top
    • High
    • Upper Middle
    • Middle
    • Lower Middle
    • Low
    • Bottom

    How will a Tiering be determined eligible for addition to the OP
    A Post needs to fulfil three criterias to be added to the OP

    • It has to be affirmed by three other members of the forums
    • One of these three approvers must be a Certified Poster. An approval must have a number next to it. Otherwise it will not be counted towards the general approval number
    • It must follow the following format

    HTML Code:
    [B]Pokemon Name[/B] - [B]Suggested Tier[/B]
    [B]Availability[/B] -
    [B]Notable Moves[/B] - 
    [B]Stats[/B] - 
    Do note that the number of Pros / Cons may vary.

    Certified Posters?
    Basically the thread’s version of Moderators. That being said, they aren’t all that different from regular posters save the above mentioned function. The current Certified Posters are Tsumiki, zhanton, Noctourniquet, [GS] Creeper and Aurath8

    New CP’s can be added, but they must be nominated by a CP. Don’t ask to be one, we’ll ask you if we feel you deserve the spot.

    Which Pokemon are (not) Eligible for rating
    + The Last Pokemon from each Evolution Chain
    + Legendaries that are obtainable within the main plot
    - Event-Only Legenaries
    - Hidden Hollow / Dream World Ability Pokemon*
    - Dream Radar Pokemon
    *Mincinno from the Hidden Hollow in Route 5 and the Braviary / Mandibuzz found in Route 4 are exceptions to this rule

    Other General Help Stuff

    List of TM / HM found within the Main Game
        Spoiler:- List:

    List of Pokemon found Ingame in Order of Appearance
        Spoiler:- List:

    List of Ongoing Approvals

    • Altaria - Low [2/3] (Excitable Boy, Zhanton)
    • Escavalier - Middle [2/3] (Aurarth8, Zhanton)) / Upper Middle [1/3] (Tsumiki)
    • Bisharp - Bottom [1/3] (Zhanton)
    • Mantine - Bottom [2/3] (Zhanton, edonub)
    • Claydol - Low [2/3] (Zhanton, edonub)
    • Waillord - Low [2/3] (Aurath8, edonub)
    • Drifblim - Low [1/3] (Zhanton) / Lower Middle [2/3] (Aura Sensei, [GS])
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