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    Banette 3/3 bottom, the only high stat is its attack which doesn't matter as its physical movepool suck with the strongest move being STAB shadow claw. It's just plain bad, both slow and frail.

    Zoroark - Top
    Availability - midgame (Driftveil City)
    Notable Moves - Dark Pulse/Night Daze, Nasty Plot, Hidden Power Fighting, Flamethrower, Return, Grass Knot, U-Turn, Night Slash, Focus Blast, Low Kick
    Stats - Awesome Special Attack, very high Attack and Speed, frail on both defenses and HP.

    - Description -
    N's Zorua comes with a lot of advantages and it has definitely improved since B/W for a lot of reasons. Its unique ability, Illusion, can let you fool the AI very easily, it has the stats and movepool of an excellent sweeper as well.

    + Always comes with near perfect IVs (all 30s) and an useful Nature for a mixed sweeper (Hasty = +Speed, -Def), meaning you will always end up with a solid poke without any effort
    + the original trainer is N, meaning this is considered a traded pokemon. Faster growth.
    + All 30 IVs means max powered Hidden Power Fighting, making this move highly recommended for almost perfect coverage with a Dark type STAB. If you really can't bother with PWT, Focus Blast and Low Kick are both vaild alternatives.
    + If running a Nasty Plot set, it's very easy to setup with it thanks to Illusion. If your opponent sees a Psychic weak poke it will spam Psychic type moves doing nothing to you and allowing multiple boosts. Illusion in general is awesome for screwing up with the enemy AI.
    + Not many moves, but they're just the right ones. Dark move/Fighting move/Flamethrower/Filler grants very wide coverage and a lot of super-effective hits
    + Instantly gets a special STAB thanks to the Snarl TM, comes 5 levels from being evolved so it will hardly be a burden as Zorua
    - Very frail. Requires some thinking with Illusion to be used properly
    - Not very useful against Team Plasma and the E4 Champion (does well against anything else though)

    + It comes with max happiness as well, so Return is a solid option from the beginning
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