[2/3] Bottom Alomomola. It should be mentioned it can actually take a Special hit or two thanks to it's ridiculous HP stat (assuming it isn't a Super Effective Hit). That doesn't make up for it's pathetic offense and coverage, but it's still there

[1/3] Bottom Garbodor. Muk wants his bff with him

I'm honestly kind of tempted to say Low for Bronzong. For one, it requires 20~25 levels of grinding to be on par with the rest of your party and that alone really cuts it down. It only really has Zen Headbutt / Return / Gyro Ball / Rock Slide to work with for coverage. I'm exculding Bulldoze because by this point a non-STABed Base 60 move really isn't going to cut it. It's defenses are also somewhat mitigated when you consider it's going to be taking *hit every turn and endgame is filled with hard hitters and the fact it'll be about 10 levels lower than everything else means it won't be taking hits as well as it could be.*

Also saying Beartic should be Lower Middle. Babying is really minimal when you think about the fact that the darker patches of grass yield a Cubchoo as low as 33 25% of the time. This means you'll need four levels at the very most which can easily be achieved by giving it the EXP Share and going through the Route it's found in (or the one after if you haven't evolved by then). Yes, it has a to of weaknesses, but 95 / 80 / 80 defenses aren't as bad as you may think and it's a matter of keeping it away from it's weaknesses which shouldn't be all that hard with half-decent teammates. Icicle Crash / Rock Slide / Superpower / Aqua Jet is a very solid moveset that can hit quite a bit for Super Effective damage as well. As you've mentioned, it also has the bonus of being immediately useful with Skyla and Drayden. So yeah, I'm going to say Lower Middle