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Lucario is always good even with the not so great force palm as its main STAB. Its typing is just too great, and it has awesome stats considering how early you can potentially evolve it (I evolved mine at level 19). Just when Force Palm starts to feel weak, it get Swords Dance at level 37 and it can setup on a LOT of things thanks to its resistances. It lags behind a bit only on the last two gyms where the lack of a really strong move starts to get annoying. Not that it needs one for Drayden's gym, just switch it on a dragon move and Copycat to oneshot all of Drayden's pokes LOL (or get Ice Punch if you have the shards for it). Then it gets Aura Sphere and Close Combat in time for the Elite 4 unless you're really, really underleveled. Still Top for me.

Sandslash is completely outclassed by Excadrill, which also gets EQ earlier and has much better attack and speed. I think pure Ground is better than Ground/Steeel though and it does have its advantages right of the bat (makes dealing with Elesa a lot easier). It has solid stats for a phyiscal wall and it gets STAB Earthquake eventually, something not many things can have, coming off base 100 attack. Plus look at those eyes.
Eviolite Sandshrew for Top [1/3]. It d'awwwwws your opponent to death. :O

Jokes aside I'm okay with Lower Middle [2/3]

About Cincinno, I won't rate. It seems to work for pretty much everyone but me. It was one of the things I most wanted to try out, got an adamant one with heavy attack EV training, and past level 40 or so, I basically stopped using his STAB. Unless it was a super effective rock blast or bullet seed, STAB Tail Slap was almost NEVER enough to oneshot stuff, which usually meant instant OHKO on Cincinno because it's just so frail. There's plenty of frail hard hitters with better typing and coverage, so to me it shouldn't go as high as Upper Middle. Frickin Zangoose hits harder anyway with Return, gets Swords Dance and Close Combat, and has a wide array of TMs he can use for the last slot (Shadow Claw, X-Scissor, Rock Slide, depending on what you face). Your choice on what to use if you want a Normal type in your team. Rock/Grass is pretty darn bad coverage to back up Normal.
so yeah if I were to rate it it would be "DIE *****HOLE I WASTED AN HOUR ON YOUR EVS" tier, but sadly there's no such tier .

High [1/3] for Chandelure. If you really have problems with it as a Litwick, you're grinding in the wrong places... The grass right outside Celestial Tower is full of pokes that Litwick completely walls, not to mention Route 12 (Heracross/Pinsir/Roselia) which you can reach as soon as you beat that weird cave dungeon with Bianca. If it takes less than five minutes of "effort" with a lucky egg on, it's not a burden, at least IMHO. Past that, typing is great for an offensive poke, speed is above average (at least ingame) and STAB Fire Blast will OHKO pretty much everything. Shadow Ball/Energy Ball are two very solid coverage moves you can get right away too. Unlike some rats I won't mention, it does have the raw power to be useful on an endgame team.

About Gligar, yes you need Waterfall (and there's a boulder to push too iirc). Not that I found it to be a real problem, it deals with team Plasma very efficiently as a Gligar and evolves in time for Victory Road/E4.
I 2/3 Chandelure for high. It has amazing STABs and is not too hard to grind. I did what the above quote did, and it only took like 30 minutes from 31-41.