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As for Zangoose, it already has Crush Claw and Revenge as you catch it, and Shadow Claw is in Celestial Tower almost immediately after, including the elemental punches and Low Kick from Driftveil. Its stats are almost identical to Cincinno's except Atk and Spd are switched, bearing in mind Cincinno's in High. It doesn't have Sweep Slap, but its Return is almost as powerful, has a better movepool and its speed is still high enough to outspeed most pokemon. Of course its not near guranteed like Cincinno, which is his downfall.
I say Upper-Middle for Zangoose [1/3]. He already has a good moveset upon capture and is convenient to raise and his only downfall is his frailty coupled with his not-quite-amazing speed.
Been waiting for someone else to back me up before voting, [2/3] Upper Middle
I actually replaced my Cincinno with a Zangoose on my playthrough. tbh ingame, anything above 85 base speed is considered "fast enough", unless you're in the battle subway where the pokes actually have good IVs and EV investment. Stuff like Chandelure at 80 base speed can outspeed most of the elite 4 unless it has really bad IVs and a horrible nature. That's why that 20 extra base attack point are far more valuable than the speed, imo.