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Thread: Of Shadow with Dreams: The aftermath of Plasma

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    Default Of Shadow with Dreams: The aftermath of Plasma

    Please fill in the following form if you wish to enter this RPG:

    Name: (try and be inventive, not just John Smith)
    Physical Description: (at least 3 lines, please)
    Brief History/Background: (talk about where they where, before the accident)
    Weapon of choice: (If you're not too clued up with exact weapon names, just put - Machine gun etc)

    Pokemon Partner: (choose one, preferably a first or second evolution egGrowlithe)

    Team: (please select either Shades or Dreams)
    Gender: (explains itself)
    Age: (none above 40 please)

    ************************************************** *********

    Basically, it's zombies mixed with pokemon. I will explain the story further, once I have got at least 5 more applicants. If you feel like becoming an admin with me, please PM me
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    Please read the RPG Rules before you post. Not only is this in the wrong section, but you also must have a plot at least 400 words long, and a proper sign-up sheet including Personality and an individual sign-up for each Pokemon.

    Please read the rules before posting in this section again.

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