"A double battle would be ok, Aakash, but it's getting late, maybe we should find Gage and then make a camp, or something. I'm really tired..." White explains to Aakash "But we can have a battle in the morning, for sure" White then began to move through the forest with his now scared Pokémon.

"Vee..." Grey whimpered, looking up to his trainer.

"It's okay, Grey, everything's going to be fine, Aakash and I are just going to find Gage, then we can get some sleep, all right?" White smiles down to his Pokémon.

"Eevee" Grey nods, completely trusting his trainer.

"Alright, let's start shouting for him" White decides "GAGE!? GAAAAGGEEE!" White shouts at the top of his lungs, the sound of his screaming being rather scary. All of a sudden there were fast movements through the forest and Grey leaped on to White's shoulder, shaking.

"Don't worry... Grey... Everything's... Going to be... F.. fine" White nodded, looking around the route slowly

"WHITE!?" A shout is heard through the forest, and a Pokémon leaps from the trees, at White

"Agh!" White dodges off the Pokémon, and Grey leaps from his shoulder, ready to battle. White looks up to see a small Shroomish with a angry expression on his face.

"Shroom" Shroomish stands his ground, staring to White

"Hello there, I'm White and these are my Pokémon, meet Grey and Hoot-Hoot" White nods to the Shroomish



"How about you join them? We can be your friend!" White smiles down to the Pokémon and Shroomish nods his large head. "Alright then, go, Pokéball!" White throws down a Pokéball to the Shroomish, it captures the willing Pokémon inside, after three shakes of the Pokéball he finally captures it with a final "Click!" White lets the Pokémon out and White grins to him.

"Welcome to the team"