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Thread: What do you want from the Pokemon Adventures manga?

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    One thing I really want from PokeSpe is a break from all the plot and seeing the daily lives of the characters, the 'dexholders especially, and daily interactions with the others. Like Platinum fan stated, seeing scenes like the girls having a day to themselves or mundane stuff like that would be a great welcome. (Naturally, I don't want any romance subplots, just good old friendship.)

    The older 'dexholders need this more than the newer, really. I want to see the characters being themselves rather than being the heroes. Some of them are kids, after all. Plus, I'm insanely curious as to what teenagers do in the Pokemon world.

    Quote Originally Posted by G-SANtos View Post
    That's what fan fiction is for.
    By the way, your statement of "attempt" is false, they weren't even trying to begin with. In With The Will there's an user who has been able to e-mail some people from the staff. Apparently, 02 was threatened by Bandai, something like "Why are you even trying? this is a kids's show", so yeah, executive meddling is part of the reason why the series turned bad. Someone actually suggested a 02 sequel, but Tamers was already in production (in fact, Tamers got the green lights very early), and Bandai decided "no more Adventure sequels", then they did that ending as a way to prevent further sequels. Basically, the ending was not supposed to be good, it was just made to give a definitive ending so that further sequels were impossible.
    This is the kind of trivia I love to know, so thanks for this. I've heard quite a few comments that 02 had issues with the staff like the one of directors who kept stating stuff like, "Don't make it too dark! It's a kid's show!" and nonsense like that. So, it came from the higher ups.... The one thing I never understood is why the executives would meddle in such a way when 02 was getting such high ratings. The Adventure timeline has always got the highest ratings. Perhaps 02 was green-lighted by mistake but Bandai didn't want to own up that fact (considering Tamers got green-lighted so early).

    Quote Originally Posted by e9310103838 View Post
    About Deoxys, I look back to,

    Team Rocket accidentally hear about existence of Deoxys in Hoenn.

    They identified Deoxys is powerful Pokemon, and also know Deoxys can see from afar.

    Therefore, the purpose of stealing Deoxys just for the cause of Team Rocket.

    Search Silver is just exactly.
    Yes, that makes sense, but considering searching for Silver was a new objective for TR that was only really brought up in FRLG, suddenly going for Deoxys feels like a huge jump.

    If Sakaki has simply told us that he has tried other methods or if we had flashbacks along with more clarity on the purpose of Deoxys, it would of worked better. The manga never attempts to make us believe that Silver was what TR was always after or that Deoxys was last option left. Since the writing never attempts to do any of that is why I feel like it doesn't make sense nor works.

    The whole thing with "Deoxys is for Silver" was poorly thought out. Good idea, bad execution.
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