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    EDIT: Sorry Sushi. By the time I posted this, you quickly posted like a ninja. I would not have posted if I saw your post whil working on this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by RickHoenn View Post
    I think you're overreacting to something so trivial.. How on earth Ash dexing a pokemon is such a big insult to fans? people are seriously reaching and trying to find little new things to whine about..
    I never said the show insulted me; that was someone else. I felt insulted when another user insulted people for having an oppinion I share. Now that I know Ash recongnized Corphish and Buizel, I'm not as unhappy as I was before. I still think constent redexing with no in-universe reason is a problem, but that would be best for another thread. Personally, I see myselve debating or arguing, not whining.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hero of Ideals View Post
    I know how forums work, I'm not stupid, it's like gilscor said, most of you are taking this way out of proportion. And nothing, not even children's shows is going to be 'well written', even the best shows have flaws.
    I never said that well-writen shows are perfect and have no flaws. You are putting words into my mouth. I don't like the taste.
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